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Network Support Services

AI-powered and data-driven support to address any operational challenges

Evolution of network support services with 5G

The evolved network support services use artificial intelligence, machine learning, and analytics to detect and resolve network issues or anomalies before they impact the network performance. Network support services will ensure service continuity and optimized user experience for 5G use cases and ecosystems like private networks, network slicing, or mission critical networks, among others.


Communication Service Providers continuously need to focus on optimized network quality and operational efficiency to be compliant with new security regulations and proactively manage increase security threats. They must work with sustainability to meet CO2 targets and at the same time manage the increased complexity with new network technologies and more advanced end-user services. This brings new requirements to how Ericsson provides Network Support Services to Communication Service Providers.

How could AI Apps improve your network performance?

We are now introducing Service Continuity AI Apps – a novel, agile, always-on, self-learning AI data-driven apps, aimed at drastically improving the traditional approach to network management.

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Support services ecosystem

5G network support services

To meet 5G requirements and be prompt to prevent network issues and react instantly if needed, Ericsson has developed new support services addressing security, efficiency, and criticality. Learn how Ericsson’s support services address operators’ challenges in the 5G era.

Private network support services

Ericsson has developed specific support services for private networks to optimize the efficiency of operations, secure service KPI continuously, and provide customers a data driven support to secure the best possible uptime of the network.

Mission critical support services

Ericsson Support Services ensure trustworthiness in all dimensions enabling reliable, secure, and easy operations while optimizing Quality of Experience. Learn how Ericsson’s support services detect and resolve problems with speed and accuracy and predict and preempt network issues, addressing critical performance to achieve high availability and reliability​.

Network slicing support services

Fault isolation and root cause analysis are key to addressing issues in a network slice, and Ericsson’s support services have the capabilities to address this challenge. To ensure an optimized network-slicing experience, Ericsson services have AI/ML capabilities to prevent and detect critical disturbances to ensure network performance and optimized service quality.

Cloud RAN Support services

Cloud RAN applications will enable operators to increase automation in their operations and introduce new services to the market with speed. Cloud RAN solutions and network increase the complexity of fault isolation and root cause analysis. Ericsson has developed improved capabilities in support services using ML/AI to improve the capabilities in fault Isolation and root cause analysis.

Time-critical communications support services

Ericsson’s support services, powered by AI/ML, deliver predictive automation and actionable preemptive insights capable of locating and fixing network anomalies automatically before they impact overall network performance, assuring ultra-reliability and ultra-low latency.

How network support services contribute

Security infographic

Security values in Ericsson customer support

Security is an embedded part of Customer Support services with people, processes and tools. Support services are continuously developed to stay ahead of the evolving security needs. Services can be adapted to meet specific customer and market needs.

  • Integrity and Data Management
  • De-Identification
  • HWS Security
  • Security Incident Handling
  • NW Incident Management
  • Forensics Management
  • Delivery from Selected Locations
  • Certified Engineers
  • Security Consultation
  • Customer Security Leadership
  • Security Community (ONC)
  • Security scans services
  • Security bulletins
  • Security CSRs
  • SW vulnerability services
  • Active Security Support with ESM


Customer support sustainable growth journey

Breaking the energy curve by co-creation, digitalization and applying “prevent, reduce, reuse and recycle” principle in everything we do while protecting network performance.

Reduce CO₂ emissions

  • Data driven support will predict, preempt and isolate hardware issues to minimize the number of site visits up to 50%
  • Optimize hardware services E2E process to reduce hardware transports.

Improve energy efficiency

  • Intelligent services to shut down parts of the network while traffic is low.
  • Optimize site infrastructure to improve energy efficiency while data is transmitting.

Optimize hardware usage

  • A structured approach to refurbish, reuse and recycle used equipment
  • Shared warehouses and spare parts to reduce the need of producing spare parts to store
  • Automatic Hardware fault analysis to avoid unnecessary HW replacements resulting in reduced waste and reduced No Fault Found up to 30%.

Sustainability collaborations

  • Co-create solutions with Service Providers to reach their sustainability goals.
  • Collaborate with the product area and external partners with innovative services and product features for greener operations .
Sustainability infographic

Featured opinion papers and blogs

How AI and Ericsson experts are revolutionizing service continuity in networks

Ericsson’s AI App Suite for Service Continuity has been a game-changer, offering communications service providers (CSPs) an unprecedented level of insight into what goes on in their networks and the ability to detect and prevent outages before they occur – and this is the story of how they came to be.

Blog | Why is the interaction between AI and human guidance indispensable?

ChatGPT and other generative AI solutions are now mainstream and trending in the top charts on platforms today. They are all great and are not far away from really strong AI. But are they advanced enough to be used in a Network, or do you need more sophisticated outcome-based AI solutions?

Case | Ericsson and Far EasTone’s model for sustainable network excellence

Learn how Service Continuity AI app suite supported a sustainable, healthy network and saved 25% energy in a collaboration with Far EasTone.

Blog | Thinking in data – What does my network do when I don’t look at it?

In a competitive marketplace, service continuity is vital and there is no acceptable downtime; the service has to be up, 100 percent of the time. Ericsson’s Service Continuity AI Apps Suite thinks in data, utilizing AI to deliver on your network’s promise.

Blog | Think in data, act on data privacy

When we think of data and data privacy, we often imagine the vast amounts of information generated and collected by social media companies and internet giants, but did you know that far more data passes through the networks of telecoms operators?

Blog | Can the telecom industry materialize a sustainable future with Product Reuse?

Currently, only 8.6 percent of the global economy is circular. It means that more than 90 percent of economic activities still follow a linear approach. Raw materials are extracted, and products are manufactured, used, and discarded. The urge to flip this ratio is here and NOW! How can we contribute to the change? Product Reuse is on top of the list of answers.

Blog | Finding the right balance between energy savings and network performance

Going forward, energy efficiency will need to be put even more in focus as CSPs will require an effective power-aware scheme to maximize energy savings during low traffic periods and reduce energy waste during traffic peak hours. But how can this be done while protecting network performance?

Paper | Why Network Support is essential for 5G operations

Ericsson’s new Network Support includes speedy fault isolation, root cause analysis, remedies and recommendations. It covers both hardware and software repairs in a multi-vendor environment.

Paper | Securing AI-powered network support and service continuity

Two opinion papers, the first, Omni Network Channel – enabling network support, and  Our second paper, Network Intelligence – enabling service continuity.

Read the Omni channel brochure

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Artificial Intelligence by design

Our artificial intelligence is applied to solving the right challenges for telecom service providers, creating value where it matters the most.

Intelligent deployment

We use Artificial Intelligence and machine learning combined with the knowledge of our services experts to ensure a fast, efficient, accurate evolution and roll-out of our networks.

Support Services Portfolio

We use Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and analytics to detect and resolve issues, prevent outages and ensure service continuity. We boost network performance by detecting issues or anomalies – preferably before they ever turn into faults.

Evolving Support services portfolio

The evolved network support services use artificial intelligence, machine learning and analytics to detect and resolve network issues or anomalies before they impact the network performance. Network support services will ensure service continuity and optimized user experience for 5G use cases and ecosystems like private networks, network slicing or mission critical networks among others.

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