Young talents test their skills at Ericsson Research

Many students from around the world spend their summers at Ericsson participating in internships or doing thesis work. Read how the experience is shaping their views of the company and on the future of technology.

Robert Hedman is a master’s student at Luleå’s University of Technology in Sweden where he is studying engineering physics. At Ericsson, he works with a part of the research organization that is looking into radio network solutions, radio access technologies, advanced antenna systems, propagation and wireless backhaul.

Robert Hedman

“The latest technologies are being invented here,” says Hedman. “Ericsson is at the cutting edge of both LTE - the technology used to deliver mobile broadband for 4G - and New Radio (NR) access solutions for future 5G.”

In 2016, Hedman participated in an internship at Ericsson in Dallas where he documented engineers’ findings and personal experiences with OpenStack. “OpenStack can be said to be the de-facto open source cloud platform and is used as the basis for many private and public cloud deployments around the globe,” he says.

At Ericsson Research in Silicon Valley another student, Jennifer Lee, is helping develop an internal protocol for user experience studies. Lee is a student at the University of Colorado in the US where she studies Information and Communication Technology Development (ICTD).

Jennifer Lee

“It’s been an exciting process to apply what I’ve been learning in the classroom to a global company setting,” says Lee. “It’s been enlightening to see how we go about creating a pathway to conduct this research internally. I’m gaining a better understanding of the interplaying complexities of the many stakeholders within a large company.”

Even students from non-technical backgrounds have found it beneficial to test their skills at a large, global company like Ericsson. Emma Stålnacke is a Law student at Uppsala University in Sweden and is also working this summer with Ericsson Research.

Emma Stålnacke

“Being a leader in technical development brings legal matters to Ericsson Research’s table regarding patents and copyright,” says Stålnacke. As part of her internship, Stålnacke’s and another intern are helping Ericsson Research promote its projects using the hashtag: #SummerintheLabs.

“I have always known Ericsson is a high-tech company but I did not realize how much room they have for creativity,” she says.



Interviews with Robert Hedman, Jennifer Lee and Emma Stålnacke have appeared previously on the Ericsson Research blog.