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Connecting the port of Livorno

Successively more sectors in our society are becoming connected. Mid November, Ericsson participated in taking a major step towards the connected, intelligent sea port; a Plugtest Interop event focused on Intelligent transport systems, and an associated innovation conference – SPIN2016 – in the city of Livorno, Italy. Both activities are part of our 5G initiative in the Tuscany region.

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Machines – our partners rather than replacements?

The interaction of humans with machines is full of hidden pitfalls. Sometimes machines are seen as dumb because you need to use a strict way of interacting with them, and a slight deviance results in failure or malfunction. Because of that, there is a general fear that machines controlling our environment might result in dangers to our society.

But, what if we were able to have more human-like machines? Ones that understand malformed sentences and ask for more information when required to make a decision?

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Drive profitability further with analytics

CTO office reflection
Ever-changing smartphone usage behavior and the implications of advanced technical features put high demands on today’s mobile network operators. As operators and other enterprises begin to realize their potential as digital agents towards end-customers, from both telecommunications and Internet-of-Things perspectives, they need to transform their businesses into becoming more data driven.

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Can a CMOS photonics switch transform networks and data centers?

We have fabricated a silicon photonic switch with the highest scale of integration (more than thousand circuits) and the highest number of different functions ever implemented before on a single chip. We are also realizing the most advanced 3D electrical interconnect between a photonic chip and its control electronic chip.

This was done as part of IRIS, a 7th Framework Program for Research and Technological Development (FP7). In this post we’ll share details about the progress we have made recently in the project.

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Revisiting the blockchain

The buzz around blockchain technology is louder than ever. Blockchains are no longer limited to the financial world – they have been linked to potential applications within areas such as identity and security, the property market, and the sharing economy. As the list of conceivable use cases grows, let’s take a moment to revisit some basic facts and limitations of blockchain technology.

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Automate performance-fault localization in cloud systems to minimize downtime

Netflix, Dropbox and Gmail are just a few of the popular web services that rely on virtualized cloud systems. According to Statista, the number of Netflix streaming subscribers worldwide is currently around 33 million, while Google’s e-mail service has an estimated 1 billion active users, and Dropbox has 500 million. With this many end users expecting high-quality of service, cloud service providers are under pressure to minimize service disruptions and downtime.

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Flexible networking hot trend at SIGCOMM 2016

ACM SIGCOMM is the flagship annual conference in the field of computer and data communication networks. Ericsson was a gold sponsor of this year’s event, we were there to talk about research in SDN, NFV, 5G, network programmability and orchestration – and we spotted some interesting trends. In this post, we’ll share insights from SIGCOMM 2016 and link to some great reading material.

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