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Smart self-returning tool rental through IoT

Digitalization is transforming a wide range of industries and the construction tool rental business is no exception. Ericsson recently partnered with Europe’s second-largest rental services company specializing in construction machinery and the global leading producer of outdoor power products to evaluate the feasibility and transformative potential of Internet-of-Things, cloud and data analytics for this industry.

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Enhanced 4G LTE coverage for Machine-Type Communications and Internet of Things

Support for Machine-Type Communications (MTC) and Internet of Things (IoT) in cellular networks is being drastically improved with the recent launches of products based on 3GPP Release 13. Improvements have been introduced in both 2G GSM networks and 4G LTE networks as well as in the form of a new radio interface optimized for narrow frequency band allocations. These are referred to as EC-GSM, LTE-M and NB-IoT, respectively. In this blog post we focus on the 4G LTE improvements for MTC/IoT known as LTE-M in the areas of low device cost, long battery life, and deep coverage.

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Service Provider DevOps: Evolving NFV deployment and operations

The virtualization possibilities of technologies like SDN and NFV are transforming telecom service provisioning and deployment. Evolving carrier-grade operations at the same pace is, however, still a struggle. With SP-DevOps, the concept developed with partners in the EU-FP7 UNIFY project, we seek to tackle management challenges related to the increased agility and service velocity offered by software-defined telecom infrastructures. In this post, we share insights we gained since the launch of the SP-DevOps toolkit, along with an assessment of the overall SP-DevOps concept.

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Workshop on Development Aspects of Intelligent Adaptive Systems (DIAS) 2017

Distinguishing characteristics of the life-cycle phases of adaptive software including design and implementation were explored in the workshop on Development Aspects of Intelligent Adaptive Systems (DIAS 2017). The workshop clearly contributed to bringing together the small but bourgeoning intelligent systems diaspora in India.

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Secure IoT identities

Security is critical for a trustworthy Internet-of-Things. To achieve this, it is crucial we solve the main challenge of secure identities for constrained IoT devices and find efficient ways to deal with the many identity technologies in use. Different ecosystems have disparate needs and practices. Yet it is clear that automation and zero touch mass registration is necessary for scaling up to billions of devices. A secure identity – anchored in hardware – is at the center.

Ericsson, ARM, and u-blox have joined forces to address this issue. Together, we have developed a concept that can integrate and secure IoT devices from any ecosystem – something that is necessary to enable IoT deployments to move to massive scale. A prototype using well-proven security technology from mobile networks, implemented on a u-blox device utilizing ARM mbed OS 5, was demonstrated at this year’s Mobile World Congress.

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