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    D2D communication pushes the boundaries of future telecom systems


    It’s no secret that today’s networks are carrying exponentially more traffic as demand from new devices and their applications increase. The rising traffic being generated by smart devices and mobile broadband services is on course to becoming too much for network resources such as spectrum to handle.

    A new research initiative is underway to address this. The joint project sees Ericsson Research, Wireless@KTH and the Automatic Control Lab of the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm collaborating not only to investigate how to better support D2D communication but also the opportunities it presents in 5G networks.
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    Smartphone users adapt behavior to network performance

    QoS feature

    Are smartphones used differently when connected to fast and reliable networks, like LTE, than they are when connected to slower and less reliable networks?

    Yes. Our study indicates that data-demanding apps like YouTube are not only used more frequently when connected to a fast and reliable network, but also for longer.

    Read on to find out how connection quality influences smartphone user behavior.
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    HTTPS everywhere

    https mashup 2

    The web is quickly moving towards HTTPS everywhere – or at least almost everywhere. Whether they like it or not, application and network service providers will have to adopt HTTPS for all their traffic in the near future, and as this requires preparation, it is time to start planning.

    In this blog post we describe the reasons behind the recent explosion of encrypted HTTPS traffic, why this trend is likely to continue, and the new mechanisms that service and network provides can use to cope with this challenge.
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    Inspiring people at Ericsson Research, part 4


    Are you curious about what a researcher does and what it takes to become one? Could Ericsson perhaps be an exciting company to work for?

    This is the last of the interviews with inspiring people from Ericsson Research, that our intern Dennis Thunberg made back in March. Meet Anna Viggedal, a part time superhero, who combines her work at Ericsson Research with a professional CrossFit career.

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