China Mobile and Ericsson boost IoT cooperation around Device Connection Platform (DCP)

Ericsson and China Mobile have signed a Cooperation Agreement around Ericsson’s Device Connection Platform (DCP) to enhance China Mobile’s international Internet of Things (IoT) ambitions.

Signed on Day One of Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2018, the agreement builds on the Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement the companies signed at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018 in Barcelona to develop IoT opportunities in industry and enterprises.

Li Huidi, Executive Vice President of China Mobile; Chris Houghton, Head of Ericsson’s Market Area North East Asia; and Åsa Tamsons, Ericsson’s Head of Business Area Technology and Emerging Business, were among those who attended the signing.

Qiao Hui, General Manager of China Mobile IoT Company, says: “Ericsson is a global leader in IoT with solid cooperation with operators’ associations GMA and Bridge (Association), providing connecting services for nearly 30 operators in over 100 countries and markets, and accumulating rich technical experience and industry resources in the field of IoT.”

He adds: “By launching DCP, we will be able to solve unified connection management and roaming across borders for our international customers, while at the same time share business opportunities in the global IoT market, which will further drive the expansion of IoT business overseas for China Mobile, and improve our market competitiveness in this field.”

Chris Houghton says: “Ericsson is fully committed to supporting operators’ success by tapping into the unlimited business opportunities in IoT. Our commercially proven DCP globally will help China Mobile further expand in the international IoT market.”

Ericsson’s DCP has been implemented by almost 30 operators worldwide, providing more than 3000 companies with on-demand self-managing globalized IoT connectivity management capabilities.

Ericsson’s DCP cooperates with two major IoT alliances, the Bridge Alliance and the Global M2M Association (GMA), making it easier for enterprise customers to work with international operators.