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5G monetization creates new opportunities in both traditional and new markets – including an innovative focus on digitalized operations in enterprise and industry.

Addressing emerging enterprise/ business customers’ needs and catering for different partner types and new business models demands accurate multi-sided billing and settlement and reconciliation which is essential to address enterprises and partners in the whole value chain especially with 5G for enterprise.

Our revenue management products in the monetization portfolio maximize the revenue opportunities for CSPs while providing an increased value to their end customers (consumers, enterprise and partners).


Unleash 5G/IoT revenues

Monetization of new 5G/IoT value.

Flexibly meet business demands

Configurable charging and billing.

Streamline operations

Reduce bill run operation time.

5G Monetization

5G monetization platforms are evolving to meet the key challenges in capturing, charging and billing the new value that 5G brings with new services, new use cases and new capabilities.

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Included portfolio

Modular, scalable, open, single convergent Online Charging System using industry standards and protocols.


A billing solution for telecoms that combines an of out-of-the box features and high configurability.