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Turkcell modernizes the Ericsson Mediation platform to meet growing technology demands

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  • Ericsson Mediation enhances the existing online solution within Turkcell, replacing legacy interfaces. By enabling the modernization of the hardware, Ericsson Mediation enables the achievement of performance-enhancing transformation.
  • This partnership, including 5G, will increase the potential for digitalization, supporting the different generations of networks.
Press release
Jan 16, 2023
Ebru Yeldan Gülmez,Turkcell and Işıl Yalçın, Ericsson

Turkcell affirms its longstanding partnership with Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) by upgrading to the Ericsson Mediation platform systems. This further supports Turkcell’s ongoing Business Support Systems (BSS) evolution journey and increases the capability of the network to handle data growth of the mobile network, delivering efficiency and management tools across the different generations of networks, including 5G.

Ericsson Mediation plays a key role in a communication service provider’s network in terms of functions ranging from data processing to protocol harmonization transformations. Ericsson Mediation supports a variety of use cases in Information Technology (IT), 5G, and Internet of Things (IoT) with its market-leading converged, batch, online and stream mediation capabilities. It provides communication service providers with a range of deployment options such as on-premises, virtual and cloud native deployment models.

Acting as a stable, flexible, and uniform interface for data, Ericsson Mediation enhances network simplicity and enables Turkcell with reduction possibilities in operating and capital expenditures. The update not only develops Turkcell’s existing online solution by replacing the interfaces with the latest Representational State Transfer (REST) interfaces, but it also provides Turkcell with out-of-the-box applications for fast solution deployment in key areas such as charging and billing.

By switching to the latest Ericsson Mediation software, Turkcell will be ready to implement 5G use cases and process 5G Call Detail Records (CDR) within the network.

Ebru Yeldan Gülmez, Industrial and Financial Technology Solutions Director at Turkcell, says: “Our partnership with Ericsson supports our commitment to offer enhanced experiences to our increasingly digitalized customers. By modernizing the Ericsson Mediation platform, we are creating an environment that can adapt faster to business and respond to data growth. This will enable us to offer simplified workflows to our customers. We are confident that upgrading the Ericsson Mediation will propel our transformation journey, will increase our operational agility, and significantly enhance the performance of our network.”

Işıl Yalçın, Vice President and Head of Ericsson Türkiye at Ericsson Middle East and Africa, says: "The different capabilities Turkcell will gain by renewing the Ericsson Mediation Platform will enable the operator's strategic transformation in the areas it serves. At the same time, it will prepare Turkcell for growth in the number of operations across all generations from 2G to 4G.5, and 5G in the future. Ericsson Mediation will help Turkcell to improve customer experiences across Turkey. With this modernization, Turkcell will quickly deploy the solutions needed to manage and simplify its services."

With more than 230 customers worldwide and performance proven to handle billions of data records per day, Ericsson Mediation continues to serve as an exceptionally stable, predictable, and accurate mediation platform and will enable Turkcell to offer services that boost digitalization across Türkiye.


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