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We are shaping an exciting and positive future

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You can be the one who makes the unimaginable possible

Ready to create the future?

What we do today sets the foundation for what’s possible tomorrow. We invite you to explore the potential and power of limitless connectivity. Imagine Possible with us.

Hear the story of the Connected Mangroves

Did you ever imagine being a technical expert being a technical expert could mean that you work on a first of its kind project awarded by the United Nations? At Ericsson, it’s possible. Watch the story of how a volunteer project led to exponential effects for the environment and communities.

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Explore a future of
limitless connectivity

  • Unlimited learning - from anywhere

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    Unlimited learning - from anywhere

    Imagine experiential learning for all. With a globally connected internet of senses, it’s Possible.

    Ericsson is creating a world of limitless connectivity, making it possible to reach and empower students everywhere like never before.

    With immersive learning experiences and access to quality training, acquiring new skills and knowledge will become an enriching lifelong journey for everyone.

  • Experience new dimensions of entertainment

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    Experience new dimensions of entertainment

    Imagine being there, without being there. With immersive virtual experiences, it’s Possible.

    Ericsson is creating a world of limitless connectivity, allowing you to be in the heart of the action from wherever you are.

    With extended reality that blends the virtual and real worlds, remote entertainment will enter a whole new dimension, complete with the sights, sounds, smells and feelings of being at a live event.

  • Redefining business

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    Redefining business

    Imagine a paradigm shift in product creation. With real-time collaboration in the mirror world, it’s Possible.

    Ericsson is creating a world of limitless connectivity, enabling real-time cyber-physical collaboration and highly advanced product design and development in a completely virtual environment.

    This will redefine business by reducing risk and time to market while creating huge efficiencies and opportunities across the value chain.

  • Pioneering a sustainable future

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    Pioneering a sustainable future

    Imagine climate action with exponential impact. With technology and global collaboration, it’s Possible.

    Ericsson is creating a world of limitless connectivity, where mobile technology opens new possibilities to pioneer a sustainable future.

    With global collaboration and digital innovation, carbon emissions can be reduced by 15% by 2030. With 5G we can do even more. By working together, a better world is within our reach.

Imagine a better, brighter tomorrow

At Ericsson we are making the unimaginable possible, and realizing a world where limitless connectivity improves lives, redefines business and pioneers a sustainable future. Hear what we are doing from some of our passionate people, all driven to go beyond the status quo to build what comes next.

The forces shaping
the future

We live in a rapidly changing world on the cusp of a new era of possibilities. That naturally brings uncertainty, but also a wealth of exciting opportunities. Over the next decade, several forces will shape our world and how we live and work. Here we consider some of the most important socio-economic, political, and technological factors for our business, our customers, and society at large. In many cases, it will be the interplay of these forces that will deliver the greatest impacts.

Forces shaping society and geopolitics

Climate moves from 'A challenge' to 'The challenge'

Socio-economic volatility

Global fragmentation, not globalization

The lasting impact of the pandemic

A re-definition of trust

Forces shaping technology

Connectivity in everything

Artificial gets real

The mirror world

Beyond the smartphone


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Imagine Possible with us

We are creating a world where technology innovation is a positive and exciting force for good. This is a fundamental part of how we are working to realize our 2030 vision.

What possibilities can you imagine? Join the conversation on Twitter. #ImaginePossible

Our purpose, vision and values

Our purpose and vision set out the power of mobile connectivity to deliver positive change, and the focused role that Ericsson will play in shaping that change to create a better world.

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Be part of our team

At Ericsson you can be an explorer, a change maker and a force for good. Be part of a team of like-minded innovators, all driven to go beyond the status quo to build what comes next.

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