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Start up 5G

Ericsson’s Startup 5G Program

Connecting Innovators and Service Providers for 5G Commercialization and Monetization

Ericsson Startup5G Program

5G is more than just a technology, it is a platform for innovation. But players across the ecosystem need to work together to realize its full potential.


What we do and who we are

Ericsson ConsumerLab's Startup 5G program is an innovation collaboration program that connects consumer product innovators with communication service providers. The program's goal is to explore the commercialization and monetization of 5G services and products. Leveraging Ericsson's expertise and ConsumerLab's years of research on consumer behavior and trends, service providers can diversify and differentiate their 5G offerings with our catalog of market-ready solutions from global startups.

By facilitating connections between service providers and the ecosystem of industry players, we help identify exciting new startups and services to collaborate with. With 30 years of experience studying consumer behavior and values, Ericsson ConsumerLab delivers unique insights on market and consumer trends to help service providers succeed in the 5G market.

Join the program

Join our exclusive network of 10+ Communication Service Providers (CSPs) and over 75 innovative startups! The Startup5G program provides a comprehensive 6–12-month engagement designed to facilitate insights, prioritization, and meaningful connections between startups and CSPs on a global scale.

For CSPs, the program offers invaluable support in leveraging the potential of 5G to drive innovation. Meanwhile, startups gain a unique opportunity to connect and engage with world-leading CSPs, opening doors to collaboration and growth.

Discover how you can become part of this dynamic community and gain insights from our members about their experiences. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to propel your business forward with the power of 5G!


Are you a startup?

If you’re a startup with a product or service that’s really proving the capabilities of 5G, find out more and join Ericsson Startup 5G program.

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Are you a Communication Service Provider?

As a CSP find out how you can leverage the latest 5G innovations from across the world through the Ericsson startup 5G program.

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How to join?

If you think your solution could be appealing to communications service providers around the world, reach out to us at

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