Unlimited learning. From anywhere.

What does the future of education hold?

Unlimited learning. From anywhere.

Ericsson is creating a world of limitless connectivity, making it possible to reach and empower students everywhere, like never before. With immersive learning experiences and access to quality training, acquiring new skills and knowledge will become an enriching lifelong journey for everyone.

Education holds the key to a better future

Digital technology in education

Imagine a future in which everyone, everywhere, has access to the world’s best education. Imagine no limits, no exclusions: old, young, rich, poor, from the mega-cities to remote hillside villages - fully connected schools to fully connected students learning from anywhere. A future of connectivity bringing complete equity and inclusivity to universal learning. It sounds like a dream, but in a world where digital innovation will complement and evolve classroom learning, it’s possible.

Ericsson is a proud member of the UN Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development. Our work focuses on bridging the digital divide to reach under-served and under-privileged communities, and supports the UN Secretary General's Roadmap for Digital Cooperation as a platform to reimagine education.

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Hear the story of the Connected Mangroves

Did you ever imagine that mobile technology could help save communities from flooding? At Ericsson, it’s possible. Our Connected Mangroves project is a great example of how ICT can have positive effects for the environment and society.

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What does the future of education hold?

Today, 260 million children aged 5 - 16 receive no schooling. Hear more from Doreen on how we can leverage digital technologies and tools to combat this challenge together.

Unleash education superpowers

Mobile technology enables immersive and inclusive hybrid learning experiences for everyone. From anywhere.

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Letter to the G20

Without connectivity people miss out on access to education, jobs and social activities, while micro, small, and medium businesses lose their competitive edge. Explore the insights from Ericsson CEO Börje Ekholm and the B20 Digitalization Taskforce on universal connectivity, digital skills and the digitalization of businesses of all sizes.

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The world needs better access to quality education

Today, over a billion children attend some form of class every day. That’s a triumph. But 260 million 5-16 year-old children receive no schooling at all (source: UNESCO). That’s a huge problem which urgently needs to be addressed. Meanwhile, the Covid-19 pandemic (which exposed serious global shortcomings in accessibility to online learning) has hit the education of over 1.5 billion 16-25 year-olds worldwide. This could result in the younger generation experiencing a US$10 trillion loss of lifetime earnings. For individuals that is tragic, and for the global economy, it is devastating (source: World Bank).

Ericsson is the first global UNICEF partner engaged with school connectivity mapping. This supports the Giga initiative’s ultimate goal to connect every school to the internet by 2030.

Since 2019, Giga has mapped nearly 1 million schools.

“It is proven that there is a clear link between educational excellence and higher productivity, earnings, greater consumer spending, economic growth and shared success. Without taking action and enabling universal education, even the richest economies will suffer, and the poorest will fall even further behind.”
– Heather Johnson, VP, Head of Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility at Ericsson

Unleashing our educational superpowers

The journey to realizing the power of digital innovation in education starts with digital literacy. By being equipped with the knowledge and skills to engage with the digital world, teachers will become empowered to transform the learning experience, and pupils become able to embrace it. Afterall, mobile technology in education enables digital learning and this unleashes our educational superpowers. Whether that’s personalized learning, collaboration and co-creation, or offering greater flexibility over when, where and how to engage with learning and allowing students to study in flexible ways which suit them – it’s all possible. When technology connects us, extraordinary things become a reality.

Ericsson’s Digital Lab is already inspiring youth in communities across South Africa, India, China, Sweden, US and Italy to prepare for a 5G future.

Digital Twin technology - Unleashing our educational superpowers

Reimagining teaching and learning

Digital technology in education - Reimagining teaching and learning

Armed with the power of connectivity, schools and universities are reimagining what it means to teach and what it means to learn. Teachers are being empowered to vary their teaching strategies to help engage their students by adopting more customized and tailor-made learning experiences for diverse students. We are even seeing the emergence of initiatives like Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), feeding the growing hunger for online adult learning. However, there’s still a great deal more to do. By 2030, the target year set by the UN to achieve its Sustainable Development Goals, digital learning will have redrawn the landscape for building tomorrow’s skills today.

The amazing world of experiential learning

Incorporating augmented, virtual and mixed reality, eXtended Reality (XR) is capable of creating immersive learning experiences of unprecedented richness and depth. With Digital Twin technology it’s becoming possible to create full-scale virtual replicas of almost anything that’s ever existed for students to explore. The arrival of the ‘Internet of Senses’ – where through haptic technology we can experience touch or smell online – means wherever you are in the world, you can tour Pompeii and touch its artefacts. You can roam the streets of London before the Great Fire – or during it. You can walk with dinosaurs. Not only is it amazing – it’s powerful too.

Since 2018, Ericsson has been using VR for teacher training, which allows teachers to practice integrating ICT into their day-to-day classroom teaching - even when they are away from the physical classroom.

Research by Stanford University suggests that XR-enabled methods can lead to a 76% increase in learning effectiveness.

Education at the speed of you

The traditional infrastructure of the educational world will be augmented by new immersive, virtual spaces, leading to the emergence of a hybrid learning environment, which balances the essential qualities of face-to-face learning with the new potential of digital technologies, underpinned by limitless connectivity.

Education will move beyond the classroom. New hybrid forms of learning, digital twins and advanced teaching aids will make it possible to learn from anywhere, anytime. Vocationally or during traditional term time study, upskilling will easier than ever.

Digital skills for life, work and lifelong learning

As digital platforms will increasingly be the basis of future work and opportunity, those without adequate digital skills to operate these platforms will not be as competitive in the workforce in the future.

The growing gap between the demand and availability for digital skills in the labor market calls for strong public-private action to address the issue of a digitally divided society. On the other hand, digital transformation of economies and industries, with the uptake of automation and AI driven processes, will transform the human driven job activities. It will also open the opportunity to center them on more meaningful, creative, and socially relevant types of tasks, that machines are less effective at executing.

World Economic Forum predicts that 65% of children entering primary school today will ultimately end up working in completely new job types that don’t yet exist.
Digital Teaching

With data analytics and cloud-based instruction and advice, Digital Teaching Assistants and other AI tools will allow lessons and course materials to be customized and individualized.

Holographic avatars

With teachers able to be ‘present’ anywhere via holographic avatars, you’ll have access to the best teaching skills anywhere in the world, from wherever in the world you happen to be. With advanced real-time translation technology language barriers will fade away. All of this will democratize access and make high-quality education much more accessible for all.

What is required to make this possible?

Making this future a possibility will need the whole education sector to come together with innovative thinking.

Firstly, there needs to be investment in global digital literacy, that way new learners will always be able to engage with this new world in a safe way. Next, all students and learning establishments will require a high-quality internet connection. This will need to be backed up by the arrival of limitless connectivity to help create a platform for new concepts like XR, the Internet of Senses, and cloud-based AI. The emergence of these immersive experiences will need a network compute fabric which will take processing to the edge. For teachers and learners to collaborate in real time within these experiences will require ultra-low latency.

For online education to be effective and widespread, safety is paramount. Therefore, networks will only work if they’re reliable, secure and trustworthy which means keeping any learner’s privacy and data secure.

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The only way we can bring life changing technology to the world at scale is through partnerships with customers, industries, academia and international organizations. And that’s why we’ve made a commitment to SDG 17 – Partnerships for the Goals.

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We are creating a world where technology innovation is a positive and exciting force for good. This is a fundamental part of how Ericsson is working to realize our 2030 vision: a world where limitless connectivity improves lives, redefines business and pioneers a sustainable future.

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