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New mobile entertainment categories are emerging, specifically in live sports and gaming, which means new bundling opportunities with an array of media partnering options that will generate new revenues for service providers. Our 5G technology helps you unlocks the possibility of reshaping the marketplace, increasing market share, improving customer experience and creating new revenue streams.

5G consumer insights and cases

SK Telecom's 5G strategy ensures top network experience

In our latest Ericsson Mobility Report, we dive deeper into SKT's 5G cluster-based rollout strategy. We reveal how it's enabling a premium network experience and high-quality services in specific locations.

Mobile service packaging towards 5G

This report on mobile service packaging towards 5G aims to provide some answers and explore the business evolution opportunities for service providers.

How Swisscom's 5G network achieved 90 percent population coverage in eight months

Swisscom became one of the world's first service providers to launch 5G. Watch the film to learn which use cases they're looking into, as well as how they managed to roll out 5G to cover 90 percent of the population by the end of 2019. 

Ericsson mobility report November 2019

By the end of 2025, we expect 5G to have 2.6 billion subscriptions covering up to 65 percent of the world’s population and generating 45 percent of the world’s total mobile data traffic, making it the fastest developing mobile communication technology to have ever been rolled out on a global scale

5G consumer potential: report busts myths surrounding value of 5G

So far, a majority of the launch markets are charging a premium averaging almost 20 percent for 5G subscriptions, helping to bust one of the biggest myths around 5G consumers' willingness to pay. Read the report on this myth and several more.

Is augmented reality (AR) the next level of gaming?

This report looks closely at video gaming and how augmented reality gaming (AR) could enable the next level of immersive AR gaming. Consumer media habits are constantly evolving. New devices and services enable consumers to rapidly shift their expectations and behaviours. The way entertainment is accessed, consumed and purchased has changed dramatically in a short period. The study is representative of more than 670 million people. All use internet or online applications at least weekly. Almost all are in fact daily internet users.

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5G made for innovation

In 2019 we deployed live 5G networks across 4 continents. This wouldn't have been possible without a 5G portfolio that's both easy to roll-out, as well as made to maximize 5G performance, experiences, and innovation.  Learn more about how Ericsson leads the way to a better 5G by watching the film.

Our 5G platform is ready for consumers

5G Platform

Our 5G is made to evolve your network from 4G to 5G in a fast way and boost performance with precision. With outperforming RAN technology, software enabled millisecond spectrum sharing, dual-mode core, AI enhanced services, dynamic orchestration, and IOT connectivity and device management we believe we have the toolbox to help you build a better 5G.

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