Australia’s first 5G service goes live

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Today is a big day for 5G in Australia with Telstra announcing the launch of its first 5G device, a 5G smart hub for business and the home. As Telstra’s 5G network partner, Ericsson has worked closely with Telstra to make 5G a reality in Australia. 

May 22, 2019

So far, Telstra together with Ericsson has rolled-out 5G in 10 cities around Australia and over the next 12 months or so will increase to reach at least 35 Australian cities.

In addition to the 5G smart hub launch, Telstra will also launch commercial 5G mobility on May 28 – with commercially available 5G smartphones.

Telstra sees the roll out of 5G as a game-changing moment. It is eight years since Telstra launched 4G in Australia and more than seven since its first 4G smartphone. 

Ericsson currently has 18 publicly announced 5G contracts. The Telstra partnership means Ericsson is now supporting six live 5G networks globally, Telstra’s being the first in the southern hemisphere.

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