5G use cases

Explore how 5G will revolutionize 5 key industries including: TV and media; manufacturing; healthcare; telecommunications; and transportation and infrastructure.

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Broadband and media everywhere

This use case shows how it will be possible to communicate in crowded or remote areas at high speed, thanks to a decrease in latency and the increase in data rates. Thanks to 5G, every mobile user will experience high-quality broadband service both upload and download.

Smart vehicles and transport

Sensors embedded in roads, railways, airfields and vehicles will communicate with each other through the 5G network. Ericsson is fully aware that this use case is focused on massive machine type communication and is working to ensure that the 5G network has the necessary high coverage and low power consumption.

Critical services and infrastructure control

5G brings high reliability and low latency required to control critical services and infrastructure. This unlocks new opportunities for public safety, government, city management and utility companies.

Critical control of remote devices

Ericsson's 5G network allows for remote control of heavy machinery. This opens the way for new possibilities such as increased efficiency and reduced cost or risk reduction in hazardous environments.

Human machine interaction

The high performance of 5G networks will make IoT more accessible by humans, to enhance the awareness of the context in which people live. Ericsson 5G system allows for the context awareness that allows you to fill the gap between people and IoT.

Sensors networks

5G technology will expand business opportunities through monitoring, tracking and automation capabilities on a large scale - from connected farms and agriculture to smart cities and buildings.