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Ericsson and Cisco’s partnership is driving digital transformation

Ericsson and Cisco have a strategic partnership to create an optimized offering for customers across industries.


Ericsson and Cisco's next-generation strategic partnership will drive growth, accelerate innovation, and speed digital transformation.

Why choose us?

Comprehensive portfolio

Our offering gives customers faster time to market, lower operating expenses, less complexity, and more security

Global reach

Our worldwide footprint means we have local experience in every corner of the globe


From the largest to the smallest, we bring cost-efficient, simplified operations to our customers wherever they are.


Joining the strengths and expertise of two world-leading technology companies means the best, most optimized solutions for your needs

Shaping future networks

By constantly innovating and forming strategic partnerships, Ericsson's networks and technologies have transformed lives, industries, and society

One network for a million needs

We turn network evolution into business revolution