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Ericsson and Red Hat collaborate to deliver multivendor solutions to Communication Service Providers (CSPs)

Red Hat is part of Ericsson’s ecosystem of cloud platform partners ready for onboarding and hosting of Ericsson’s telco functions and applications across Packet Core, Communication Services, OSS, BSS.

Ericsson and Red Hat collaborate to facilitate the onboarding and hosting of Ericsson telco functions and applications onto Red Hat cloud platforms. By establishing technical collaboration projects for selected combinations of Ericsson applications and Red Hat cloud platforms the two companies work jointly to system validate specific configurations against a pre-defined test specification.

The combined pre-testing of application and cloud platform prior to deployment in a production environment ensures that CSPs – that have selected to deploy a combination of Ericsson and Red Hat technology – will benefit from faster time to market, known outcome and manageable risks through well documented solutions.

The technical collaboration is the core of the Ericsson – Red Hat alliance. From a sales, delivery, support and life cycle management perspective each company is responsible for its own offering. This collaboration complements Ericsson’s own offering for cloud platforms running Ericsson applications.

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