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What do a gamer, tower climber and paramedic have in common? Visit Ericsson's 5G demos at MWC Los Angeles 2019

  • Experience 18 live demos that will showcase how companies can push the boundaries of what is possible and make 5G come alive
  • 60 total demos will highlight the power of 5G to transform Industry 4.0 and consumer experiences
  • Ericsson executives to speak on 15 different panels focusing on topics such as Internet of Things (IoT), automotive and emerging technologies.
Oct 17, 2019
MWC 2019

 Prepare to get active at Ericsson's booth (#1724 in South Hall) at MWC Los Angeles 2019. From playing Destiny 2 against professional gamer and digital influencer AtomicMari over 5G wireless speeds to watching Ericsson tower climbers scale a two-story cell tower, experience Ericsson's most immersive display of 5G technologies yet.

From Oct. 22-24, Ericsson will showcase 18 live demonstrations displaying three concepts crucial to staying at the cutting edge of technology: deliver growth, dare to captivate and design for efficiency in a 5G world.

  • In the "Dare to Captivate" area of the booth, witness a paramedic using a haptic glove to perform an ultrasound through real-time interactive communications with a medical expert.
  • In "Deliver Growth," remotely retrieve data from a smart vessel to collect water quality data and take necessary measures to address the pollutants in the water, highlighting Ericsson's commitment to an intelligent and sustainable world.
  • In "Design for Efficiency," touch an Ericsson base station solution as thin as paper, called a Radio Stripe. This innovative deployment solution addresses the challenging indoor and outdoor areas traditional radio hardware cannot reach.

Ericsson also will demonstrate its 5G capabilities through 15 speaker sessions, including "5G Networks: Hard talk" with Chief Technology Officer Erik Ekudden, "IoT Devices: Always listening, watching and learning" with Head of IoT Security Bodil Josefsson, and "How 5G is shaping the future of connected car technology" with Ericsson's 5G Evangelist Peter Linder.

Please visit Ericsson at MWC Los Angeles 2019.