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Our commitment

We believe that diverse, inclusive teams drive performance and innovation, creating greater business value. Since we believe that, then:
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  • We consider and create diversity and inclusion in everything we do, building teams that reflect our approach
  • We feature a variety of role models and communicate in various channels, ensuring our brand reaches diverse communities
  • We encourage programs that include a wide variety of people, like mentoring circles and advisory boards
  • We create space for you to bring your unique perspective

Ericsson is not only committed to equal opportunity in employment, development, compensation and all other personnel actions without discrimination due to race, color, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, pregnancy, parental status, religion, political opinion, nationality, ethnic background, social origin, social status, indigenous status, disability, age or union membership.

We strive for inclusion where we treasure diversity and build communities of engaged employees. Integrated across the company, our diversity and nclusion philosophy is integral to our vision, strategy and company values.

Our diversity and inclusion agenda is mainly owned and driven by our local organizations - change needs to happen close to where our employees are in order to be relevant and engaging. A global framework managed by our People function at group level, aims to give guidance and an overall umbrella for all our activities and initiatives. Focus areas, initiatives andprogress is reported through our annual report and corporate sustainability report. Our CEO and the Executive Team are our ambassadors for change, and actively engage in a variety of activities to further our commitment.

Reducing inequality is a key focus of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. To build on our diversity and inclusion efforts, in addition to a strong foundation, robust governance structure, and ambitious targets, we continually raise awareness to ensure our strategy is implemented across the organization.