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For us, an inclusive workplace is where individuals get to be themself in order fulfill their potential and perform at their best. Here we share some people stories where our employees talk about our diverse company culture.

Tatiana Zander | Director Technology Innovation, Santa Clara, CA, USA

“People at Ericsson never get bored because we have every opportunity to explore new skills and locations.”

Milap Patel | Director Strategy & Transformation, Stockholm, Sweden

“What I really enjoy about working at Ericsson, is to be part of driving radical transformation of our company and its operations through working with the best people in the industry and state-of-art technology.”

Laure Nguemaleu, Engineer IV, USA

Laure Nguemaleu, Engineer IV, USA

My parents invested in me and encouraged me to pursue my passion. They are my heroes. I grew up in Cameroon, a place with a traditional society where you were not supposed to invest in girls. My dad who was also an engineer believed that boys and girls should have the same chances.

Julen Kahles, Senior Developer - Data Science, Finland

Julen Kahles, Product Owner, Cloud Infrastructure , Finland

It was very much "people first" values that I was looking for when I first moved to Finland, and love that I found them here. Since I joined Ericsson, I have had the chance to drive change from within the development teams, where managers facilitate the effervescence of ideas, empowering engineers to play a major role in the decision-making and steering of the projects. I have had the great luck of being surrounded by talented colleagues from all over the world, ranging from Sweden to California, and where different opinions and points of view are respected and taken into consideration.

George Winston, Sr. Construction Manager, Ericsson North America

George Winston, Sr. Construction Manager, USA

I started in the technology field around the age of 10. My father wanted a change from his career as a financial auditor, so he decided to start a small computer company in the early ‘80s. I was his first employee and technical assistant! He would task me to read and learn different aspects of the computer, software and peripherals. We didn’t have any formal training, we just read a lot of computer and software manuals. One of my earliest memories was being in his office late on a school night and we figured out how to make our first call via a 300baud Hayes modem.”

Urvi Jobalia, Head of Talent Acquisition

Urvi Jobalia, Head of Talent Acquisition, Singapore

We strive to be a workplace that respects and appreciates individual differences. In some emerging markets, Diversity and Inclusion is a new concept. However; at Ericsson we are committed to hiring practices which support equal opportunities for all. 

Osama Abou Hajar, Software Engineer, 5G

Osama Abou Hajar, Software Engineer, 5G, Ireland

When looking at the different people who worked at Ericsson, I saw they were from different places around the world with such a great diversity. They represent Ericsson from over 180 countries around the world, which makes me feel like it is a nice place to learn.

Cristina Rodriguez, Internal Communications Manager, Spain

Cristina Rodriguez, Internal Communications Manager, Spain

We are human beings above all. Our leaders are committed to care about their people and their inclusiveness - everyone at any level is equally important in the workplace. We are valued, understood, challenged, and empowered to be successful.

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