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Employee resource groups

Employee resource groups are voluntary groups created when employees come together around a common goal. They support, promote and drive a diverse and inclusive working environment and provide the organization their unique perspectives and insights.

Networks for our employees

At Ericsson, our employee resource groups are an example of our commitment to diversity and inclusion. Through our employee resource groups around the world our employees are connected and participate in networking opportunities, information forums, mentoring programs, recruitment events, professional development and various volunteer events.

Women's networks

Ericsson has several women's networks across the globe, including North and Latin America, Canada, Sweden, Africa, India and Europe. Our networks are inclusive and include male participation and membership.

The networks focus on:

  •    Advocating leadership and innovation as a means to connect members
  •    Establishing collaboration and knowledge sharing
  •    Driving career growth by leveraging tools for professional development
  •    Developing relationships internally and externally while connecting with our customers and local communities
"Montreal Women in Leadership (WIL) chapter launched in 2014 is committed to bringing the best leadership and career development experience to women in the technology world, at all stages of their careers from early stage employment to career veterans by creating a connected, supportive community through networking events, mentorship and coaching, leadership development and knowledge sharing.". - Danielle Elkaim, WIL Montreal chairperson

LGBTQ networks

Our LGBTQ networks promote an inclusive culture in the workplace in which lesbians, gays, bisexual, transgender and queer people (LGBTQ) have equal development and career opportunities. They represent the interest of LGBTQ employees and help create awareness around LGBTQ diversity across the organization encouraging a culture of respect and equality for everyone regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

"Globe launched in Ericsson Ireland in 2015, as a direct result of the successful referendum to extend the right to marry to same sex couples. Our objective is to increase visibility to all LGBT people working in Ericsson as well as share ideas and initiatives. We do this through taking part in many different diversity forums, running events highlighting the rich contribution LGBT people bring to society, and connecting with other similar networks with our customers and industry.". - Globe Ireland Team

From our Careers Blog:

"Little did I know that I would really love both this company and the ICT sector we are in. And that I would make friends, create connections, be inspired by the people I work with and be open about my personal life.". - Rodrigo Varanda is based in São Paulo, Brazil, and is a member of the External Communications Team for Region Latin America and Caribbean.