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Diversity and Inclusion

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Diversity and Inclusion

For over 140 years, Ericsson has been building a more connected world. We are powered by the skills and ideas of our global team and we have made the unimaginable possible, with ground-breaking technologies, thanks to the contributions of countless different voices, perspectives and experiences. It is by bringing out the unique talents of our team that we will lead the industry to a place where it can thrive for generations to come. The best way to unleash our potential is by making better and fairer decisions. This aspiration is also a simple way of expressing Ericsson’s approach to Diversity and Inclusion.

“Diversity acknowledges the differences everyone brings to the workplace; inclusion confirms that everyone is valued and welcomed. “

“I am a firm believer in Diversity. Equality is not only a basic human right but is also essential to efficiency, impact, and credibility. It gives us a competitive advantage to be a workplace that respects, values, and leverages individual differences.”

Börje Ekholm, CEO and President, Ericsson

Börje Ekholm

Meet Emma Birchall

Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion

Watch this video to learn about Ericsson’s Diversity and Inclusion approach. We want to have the best team possible to realize our ambition of connecting the world, unleashing innovation and pioneering a sustainable future.

Our approach

Better and fairer decisions

The subject of Diversity and Inclusion is sometimes seen as complex. That’s why we’ve simplified our approach into a matter of making better and fairer decisions for all. Here are the guiding principles of our approach:

The subject of Diversity and Inclusion can be complex. That’s why we’ve translated this into a simple mission of making better and fairer decisions. Better decisions are made by considering the perspectives of a greater number of people. Fairer decisions come from using objective and unbiased data, which will ultimately benefit every colleague, every customer and society.

We are a company of many engineers, so we approach Diversity and Inclusion the same way we approach our work – by testing, learning and sharing our results.

Every step we take to be more inclusive is considered, researched, based in evidence and continuously analyzed to make sure that everyone involved experiences beneficial results.

True inclusion means knowing that your team welcomes and supports you. It comes from feeling safe to speak up, and knowing successes will be celebrated and challenges will be shared. By remembering our humanity, we build a workplace where everyone feels appreciated for their unique abilities, perspectives and identities.

Awards and recognition

Equality for Business Coalition Act

Ericsson is recognized as one of the best places to work. We believe in a transparent approach to Diversity and Inclusion – we publish our results and celebrate our successes.

Great place to work certified in India

Great Place To Work certified in Vietnam, India, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia & Thailand.

HR Excellence awards

HR Excellence awards: we won Excellence in TA and Diversity and Inclusion

HRD World Congress

HRD World Congress D&I awards 2021: we won in Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion

100 graduate employers by Grad Australia

Ericsson named in the list of top 100 graduate employers by Grad Australia

Great place to work for Millennials in India 2023

Great place to work for Millennials in India 2023

Great place to work for women in India 2023

Great place to work for women in India 2023

Disability:IN - 2023 designation as “Best Place to Work for Disability Inclusion”

Disability:IN - 2023 designation as “Best Place to Work for Disability Inclusion”

Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index (HRC CEI) – 2023-2024 “Equality 100 - Leader in LGBTQ+ Workplace Inclusion”

Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index (HRC CEI) – 2023-2024 “Equality 100 - Leader in LGBTQ+ Workplace Inclusion”

Radius Certified Mark

Radius Certified Employee Network Investor on building better Employee Resource Groups (ERGs).

Diversity in numbers

Employees by age

Employees by nationality in 2023

Employees by gender in 2023

Leaders by gender in 2023

Executive level by gender in 2023

Achieving our goals

Achieving our goals

We are making positive changes in our Diversity & Inclusion strategy. We’re ensuring that our policies and practices reflect the diversity of our workforce, with an inclusive culture that creates a sense of belonging and a recruitment policy that attracts and retains talent from diverse backgrounds. 

30% by 2030

We’re also ensuring that we’ll have increased the representation of women to 30 percent at Ericsson by 2030, including the executive layer and line manager levels, as well as for the total workforce. 


Diverse and inclusive teams drive performance and innovation, make the workplace better for everyone and create greater business value. We also know that evolving the way we work to meet everyone’s unique requirements not only creates a working culture that allows everyone to feel safe and comfortable, it also levels the playing field – allowing fair and equal access to opportunities.

Our stories

The diverse company culture we have at Ericsson reflects the people who make us who we are. Discover what it is that brings out the best in us, with our own stories.

Meet Anna

"It's important to be an ally because we have people who struggle bringing their authentic self to work".

Anna Holm, Head of Learning and Development, Business Area Networks

Meet Christoph

"I really appreciate working at Ericsson - cooperating with our global and diverse team truly broadens my horizon every day."

Christoph Meyer, Expert, Data Center Networking

Employee Resource Groups

Led by our people and with a mission to promote important causes for us and our communities, our Employee Resource Groups support colleagues in reaching their full potential by increasing a sense of belonging.

Discover our ERGs

Ericsson gender pay gap reports

Read our latest report to learn the progress we are making in this area.  

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Discover the latest news on Diversity and Inclusion at Ericsson and in the wider world, with our blog posts and our weekly D&I news round-up.

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