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Ooredoo Qatar upgrades cutting-edge network inventory solution from Ericsson

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  • Ericsson Adaptive Inventory enables Ooredoo Qatar to streamline operations and optimize network infrastructure.
  • The EAI solution will offer a comprehensive perspective on resources and their interconnections, allowing faster order processing, cost savings, and unparalleled data accuracy to Ooredoo Qatar.
Press release
Oct 24, 2023
Kevin Murphy and Günther Ottendorfer

Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) and Ooredoo Qatar have successfully executed an upgrade of Ericsson Adaptive Inventory (EAI), a cutting-edge network inventory management solution deployed across the communication service provider’s (CSP) networks, to meet growing technology demands. Covering different generations of networks, including 5G, the project leverages the latest advancements in telecommunications technology to expand the potential for digitalization and improve efficiency.

EAI empowers Ooredoo Qatar to streamline its operational environment with a single network view across systems, taking its inventory management to new heights. It will help Ooredoo Qatar optimize its network infrastructure and resource utilization, increase data visibility, accelerate workflows and improve operational efficiency. The enhanced capabilities of the modernized platform offer tangible customer-centric benefits, such as faster order processing, cost savings and exceptional data accuracy.

With this future-ready telecom inventory software, Ooredoo Qatar can efficiently manage its Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) while unlocking the potential for mobile, enterprise and data center inventory management.

Günther Ottendorfer, Chief Technology & Infrastructure Officer at Ooredoo Qatar, says: “Ericsson, a leader in the telecommunications industry, is a long-standing trusted partner on our journey of boosting our network capabilities. The company equips us with the latest innovative products that allow us to drive cost reductions and make the best use of our resources through an efficient operation while providing a great customer experience as increased productivity and reduced work orders transition time.”

Ericsson is an inventory system market leader supporting more than 80 customers across over 35 countries with multi-vendor, multi-technology Inventory solutions.

Kevin Murphy, Vice President and Head of Ericsson Levant Countries and Global Customer Unit Ooredoo Group, Ericsson Middle East and Africa, says: “Ericsson is pushing the boundaries of innovation to meet the evolving needs of CSPs and customers. On the road to 5G, it is more important than ever to establish agile mechanisms to capture the new market and business opportunities that an automated operation unlocks. In this context, Ericsson drives Business and Operations Support Systems development to enable CSPs such as Ooredoo Qatar to create new value in an increasingly digital economy while bringing significant enhancements to the current business in OSS/BSS.”

In addition to its EAI, Ericsson currently supports Ooredoo Qatar with a number of other solutions and products from its portfolio to help manage its operations. These include Ericsson Network IQ Statistics (ENIQ) and Ericsson Network Manager (ENM) from its Network Management and Automation portfolio as well as additional capabilities to monitor and analyze traffic. This allows the company to gain comprehensive insights into the RAN network performance, traffic patterns, congestion hotspots and incident detection in real time, leading to better network resource management and an improved customer service experience, benefitting both Ooredoo Qatar and its customers.



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