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Adaptive Inventory


By enabling full visibility of physical, logical, virtual network resources and hybrid services, Ericsson Adaptive Inventory plays a central role in providing a new level of automation to every aspect of CSPs’ operational environments. With all the flexibility and functionality needed to be a sole inventory hub, Ericsson Adaptive Inventory delivers new network efficiencies, helping CSPs to make the best use of resources and capital. The result is faster service roll-outs, more accurate fulfillment and improved trouble resolution.

What Adaptive Inventory offers Using Ericsson Adaptive Inventory Links

Ericsson Adaptive Inventory is a service and resource management solution uniquely adaptable to CSPs’ environments. When it comes to planning, designing, assembling, and visualizing complex communications services and underlying networks, Ericsson Adaptive Inventory dynamically provides the needed information, no matter the source of the data. Management of multiple operational layers and technologies is enhanced with data visualization and provisioning automation capabilities. This market-leading operations support system (OSS) is built on a future-proof and extensible framework that not only tracks how capacity is configured, but also can help predict the future state of the network.

Ericsson has effectively defined the market space with our service-based resource management and provisioning software. Benefiting from its leading approach, service providers around the globe are using Ericsson Adaptive Inventory to:

• Manage current inventories of physical, logical, and virtual network and service resources.
• Define network and service configurations.
• Order and schedule future resources to meet expected demands.
• Federate data from multiple sources to provide a complete view of the network. 
• Manage hybrid environments that comprise both traditional as well as virtual network functions.

Ericsson Adaptive Inventory provides an end-to-end representation of every physical, logical, and virtual component of the network – giving CSPs a comprehensive view of resources and the relationships among them to support fulfillment, assurance, and network management processes. Ericsson Adaptive Inventory automates design in an intelligent fashion, capturing the knowledge of the network engineering staff and making it available to the entire organization, be it an external system, a provisioning professional, or a less skilled person.

The Ericsson Adaptive Inventory suite of network and services resource applications supports CSP operations across the board:

• Network engineering – system design, capacity engineering, facilities planning, and transmission design
• Operations – field support, installation, network management, and switch engineering
• Management – engineering reports, work order management, accounting/asset control, and business planning
• IT department – OSS automation, system, and software management
• Service provisioning – service design, assign, discovery, and activation

Ericsson Adaptive Inventory enables the CSPs to:
• Develop network configurations for complex equipment and circuit layout records such as base stations, cross connects, leased circuits, multiplexers, routers, switches using standard templates for the assignment of resources.
• Manage current inventories of network service and resource capacity.
• Order and schedule future resources to meet expected demands while managing engineering business processes.
• Visualize the managed networks, their current and their future status, as well as services that consume these network assets.
• Troubleshoot network outages.

Combined with its discovery and activation capabilities, Ericsson Adaptive Inventory supports:
• Complete, multi-vendor, multi-technology data discovery. 
• Automated, manual, or assisted inventory reconciliation.
• Complex service activation spanning multiple network elements and element management systems.

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