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Network Management and Automation


Networks are changing and Management is becoming critical for business success. Ericsson's offerings are enabling CSPs to deploy, operate, assure, evolve, automate & build intelligence into their networks in an efficient, reliable and flexible way.  

The offering strategy is to enable the best performing networks and deliver the best user experience. This by maximizing today and supporting the evolution journey towards the Open RAN paradigm with future proof automation for multi-vendor, 4G, 5G and beyond.

Network Management and Automation is the offering domain name for e2e management covering monitoring, troubleshooting, configuration, automation and optimization of networks.

The portfolio consists of fully industrialized off the shelf products with proven release cycles ready for delivery and deployment.


Flexible and open

Evolve portfolio to be cloud based, open and programable.

Enabling breaking the energy curve

Support for energy insights and management.

Maximizing today and support for the evolution journey

Several products combined in one solution to boost automation for Open RAN with a an open ecosystem for application development.

Best performing networks

Leverage on technology leadership, innovation and deep domain expertise.

Optimized for automation

Higher degree of RAN automation that improves network performance and efficiency.

Security that protects the network

Trustworthy Network Management from Secure-by-Design products, Proactive Risk Management and Secure Open RAN Management.

Network automation and AI

The intelligent choice for telecom networks

Learn how automation and AI technology are empowering networks to reach whole new levels of performance, efficiency and experience – today and tomorrow.

The intelligent choice for telecom networks
Our range of products
Ericsson Network Manager

Manages end-to-end across Radio, Transport, and Core network technologies consistently and effectively.

Ericsson Network IQ Statistics

Identifying bottlenecks and targeting investments helps operators maintain good service quality.

Ericsson Orchestrator

Automates the allocation of workloads for VNFs and PNFs among cloud infrastructure resources.

Ericsson Intelligent Automation Platform

Open platform for multi-vendor, multi-technology RAN automation and orchestration.

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