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Ericsson spotlights mission-critical solutions at CCW 2024 event in Dubai

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Critical Communications World 2024 takes place in Dubai from May 14-16, and once again Ericsson will be on hand to present its mission-critical solutions such as Digital Airspace and Smart Grid Monitoring that can support mobile operators and partners in offering high-performing, resilient and secure connectivity to governments and organizations responsible for public safety and critical infrastructure.

First responders providing emergency care for a patient on the ground

This year, Ericsson will put on display on the exhibition floor at the Dubai World Trade Centre its latest mission-critical network solutions that will not only modernize communication in power grid networks and increase cyber-security but also speed up deployable 5G networks for use during natural disasters. Solutions from Cradlepoint, part of Ericsson, demonstrate how cellular routers and edge devices, managed through NetCloud Manager, enable fast and always-on access to critical applications and data to critical responders whether in a vehicle, station or the field.

Critical Communications World (CCW) is the leading global event for the mission-critical communications industry, representing sectors such as public safety, utilities, rail, and defense.

“As our world grapples with unprecedented challenges on various fronts, both natural and man-made, mission-critical communications become paramount,” says Magnus Packendorff, Head of Mission Critical at Ericsson. “Adoption of 3GPP 4G/5G standards are creating new opportunities to bring powerful modern technologies to mission-critical users, such as fire and police departments, emergency medical services, or essential utility companies. A connection has become the lifeline for securing society, and Ericsson has over decades been at the forefront of developing these lifelines.”

Packendorff adds: “As a trusted partner and technology leader, Ericsson will share the vision, insights, and experiences from collaborations with customers worldwide to support the evolution towards next-generation mission-critical networks that deliver connectivity when and where it’s most needed.”

Some of the featured solutions at the Ericsson booth illustrate next-generation mission-critical services such as Smart Grid Monitoring, which shows how low-latency 5G can reduce the threat of wildfires caused by downed power lines. Another demo is Digital Airspace for mission-critical purposes, showcasing Ericsson’s capabilities to ensure optimal air-ground-air connectivity for public safety rescue operations or critical infrastructure inspections.

Managing the transition to critical broadband and next-generation 4G and 5G is demonstrated by the smart ambulance use case in which 5G standalone and network slicing are used for better emergency medical service. Ericsson Security Manager, an automated solution for security management, shows the full potential of Ericsson’s cybersecurity solutions.

Ericsson experts Pedro Tercero Lozano, Sanne Stijve, Patricia Campos Millos, Ghada El Nikheli, Zeineb Makni and others will deliver presentations and participate in panel discussions, covering topics such as reliability and security in mission-critical networks and 5G non-terrestrial networks (NTN).

Visit the Ericsson booth B20 at Critical Communications World 2024, in the Sheikh Rashid Hall, to see how Ericsson solutions offer reliable, high-speed connectivity where it is needed most.

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