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Configure, monitor and maintain network security with Ericsson Security Manager

Security management for a new era

The cyber threat landscape is constantly evolving and growing more challenging by the day. As 5G will be the foundation for future services affecting both businesses and society, the telecom networks become a critical infrastructure that will gain even further focus of hackers.



What are the most common telecom network attacks today?

Telecom network can be vulnerable to typical attacks that we are accustomed to within the IT security space, but also specific attacks such as:

Telecom specific APTs: Long-term, targeted attacks using sophisticated techniques to gain access to the network and remain undetected for extended periods of time.

Disruption attacks: RAN, the largest attack surface of the network, can become the target of RAN specific DoS, DDoS and jamming attacks

False base stations: Mimics of legitimate cell towers intercepting and eavesdropping mobile communications.

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What can we expect in a near future?

There are several different trends that together are pushing  telecom security higher up on the agenda. 

Growing security demands from regulators: With the advent of 5G, regulators across the globe are increasing their demands on security and security compliance.

Growing enterprise security awareness: Increasing pressure on CSPs to be able to demonstrate how they are working to ensure security.

The shift to 5G SA: This shift, which many CSPs are undertaking, will increase enterprise security complexity and require you to adopt corresponding practices.

Ericsson Security Manager mitigates telecom specific risks while streamlining your most critical processes

Detect misconfigurations

Detect misconfigurations

ESM will support automated policy enforcement and detect any issues in your baseline network configuration.

Maintain secure configurations

Maintain secure configurations

ESM detects unwanted changes to your network configuration to ensure it stays secure.

Streamline security processes

Streamline security processes

ESM provides unparalleled orchestration, helping you monitor and automate both compliance and certificates.

Efficient integration with existing infrastructure

Efficient integration with existing infrastructure

Take charge of your network security today

Ericsson Security Manager handles telecom specific security threats, and helps you increase efficiency in your security processes by:

  • Automating network configuration and maintenance
  • Making monitoring and early detection easy
  • Collecting security history and logs, available at your fingertips

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Take charge of your network security today
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