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Far EasTone and Ericsson showcase 5G Smart Ambulances at MWC Barcelona 2024

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  • Enabled by network slicing in FarEasTone 's 5G Standalone network, 5G Smart Ambulances aim to enhance connectivity between ambulance staff and remote medical experts for fast and precision treatment
  • Improving emergency medical services' quality and efficiency with high-throughput and low-latency communications, the service exemplifies the potential of 5G technology to advance healthcare delivery
Press release
Feb 28, 2024

Ericsson and Far EasTone unveiled "5G Smart Ambulances", a new life-saving service enabled by network slicing in Far EasTone 's 5G Standalone network. This mission-critical use case aims to enhance connectivity between ambulance staff and remote medical experts for fast and precision treatment, focusing on high-throughput and low-latency capabilities to improve emergency medical services' quality and efficiency.

Currently on display at Ericsson’s booth at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024, the 5G Smart Ambulance use case exemplifies the potential of 5G technology to advance healthcare and other mission-critical service delivery.

In collaboration with Taipei City Fire Department, Far EasTone and Ericsson demonstrate how, by employing 5G Quality of Service (QoS) for high-resolution video streaming and vital signs transmission, emergency rescuers can work in tighter alignment with remote medical experts providing more precise rescue services and improving patient outcomes. This ensures timely delivery of patients’ data to remote medical experts. Complementing the QoS services, the “remote diagnosis and treatment service platform”, developed by Far EasTone, has been integrated into 5G Smart Ambulances. This app supports emergency technicians in managing complex medical emergencies with remote medical professionals' expertise.

The end-to-end network slicing technology, powered by Ericsson’s dual-mode 5G Core, 5G RAN Slicing’s Dynamic Radio Resource Partitioning feature and transport solutions on Far EasTone’s 5G Standalone network, combined, is instrumental in enabling 5G Smart Ambulances ensuring a solid connection for the first responders traveling around the city and Local Packet Gateway means city-level data is always available for them. The solution enables a differentiated 5G connectivity with the guaranteed performance and security required for mission-critical services, such as traffic isolation, and a high-speed throughput and low-latency connectivity for consistent transmission of patient's vital signs and high-revolution video.

An initial survey among emergency medical professionals, conducted by Far EasTone, revealed a 90 percent satisfaction rate with the quality of communication, with 82 percent expressing satisfaction with the simultaneous guidance and assistance provided by remote medical experts.

Chee Ching, President of Far EasTone, emphasized, "We are committed to advancing Smart Healthcare through 5G technology. The 5G Smart Ambulances leveraging network slicing, equipped with the “remote diagnosis and treatment service platform” designed by Far EasTone, significantly enhance connectivity between ambulance staff and remote medical experts for fast and precise treatment. With 20 percent 5G network coverage in Taipei City and a potential reach of 510,000 residents, we take pride in pioneering innovative emergency medical services in the region. We remain dedicated to continuously enhancing healthcare quality by leveraging the digitalization enabled by 5G, facilitating the future of Smart Healthcare in Taiwan.”

David Chou, President of Ericsson Taiwan, added, "Ericsson’s network slicing technology plays a pivotal role in enabling differentiated services and ensuring guaranteed performance. We remain committed to supporting our customers in building high-performing networks on 5G Standalone architecture to fully unleash the potential of 5G. With our industry-leading technology, we are confident in our ability to drive the advancement of premium services through differentiated 5G connectivity, providing value to our customers."

Building on the success of the world's first 5G Smart Patrol Car solution, the collaboration on 5G Smart Ambulances underscores the enduring partnership between Ericsson and Far EasTone. This joint commitment signifies a dedication to delivering innovative and impactful solutions in Taiwan, using 5G technology to address a wide range of societal challenges.

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