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Cloud Core


Ericsson Cloud Core is where ultra-connectivity translates into service differentiation and business flexibility. It establishes reliable connectivity, voice, video and web communication, determines the quality of service and enforces it through policy, creates value through visibility and exposure as well as control of traffic and applications. In short, it’s the business enabler of mobile broadband and IoT networks for consumers and enterprises. Cloud Core also provides on-premise cloud infrastructure solutions fit for both virtual and cloud native applications. Mitigate your risks, plan for a smooth introduction of 5G Core and deploy leading Network Slicing and cloud native core network solutions - all of which are validated by leading operators worldwide.

Ericsson Cloud Core is a complete core network portfolio of products, solutions and services, serving more than...

Included portfolio
Packet Core

Ericsson Packet Core is the industry leading 5G Core portfolio

Communication Services & UDM

Solutions for data storage management, subscription management and communication services.

Network Exposure & Service Enablement

Consists of both core network exposure and enterprise communication solutions.

Cloud Infrastructure

Fully system-verified cloud infrastructure solutions optimized for 5G core applications.

Cloud Core Services

Professional services to onboard and integrate our products.