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Cloud Policy

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Ericsson Policy Control allows you to dynamically model the behavior of your network and the delivery of your services under a variety of conditions, and automatically apply policies as conditions change. The policies you set can control service-based architecture setup and behavior, network slices selection and the subscribers/services allocation to them, quality of service, data usage and user access to services. These policies using the latest technology and AI assistance enable you to automate your network, optimize your network resources, and deliver superior service to your customers.


Network automation

  • Dynamic slice selection based on status of network resources (such as overload) or based on service level to be delivered (such as quality of service).
  • API-driven policy enforcement for advanced closed loops.
  • Automatic on-boarding of new network functions based on the status of network resources.

Optimal use of network resources

  • Access, mobility and subscriber sessions are configured in the optimal way to save resources and provide services according to needs.
  • Service producers are connected with service consumers in the optimal way.

Great service delivery

  • Network slices are selected in the way that maximizes the service experience.
  • Network faults and any necessary reconfiguration are handled with the least disruption to the network.
Included portfolio
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Cloud Core Policy Controller

The commercial realization of a centralized policy controller for 5G and legacy networks.

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Cloud Core Resource Controller

Automated control of network resources, including network functions setup in the SBA, and slices.

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Service-Aware Policy Controller

Component for Broadband Networks as Evolved Packet Core and Mobile Telephony Evolution with VoLTE.

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The network functions included in our Policy Control portfolio are able to adapt, in real time, decisions related to:

Service delivery:

  • PDN session dynamic configuration -  
    Adapts the delivery parameters in the service delivery session to ensure the service is rendering according to subscriber-related category and dynamic conditions.
  • Access and mobility dynamic configuration -  
    Includes the control of service area restrictions and management of the access resources (radio frequency selection).
  • User equipment dynamic configuration -  
    Allows user equipment to be configured so that it always optimally connected (best slice, best radio technology) to comply with service and operator requirements.

Network resource management:

  • Dynamic network slice selection - Selects the best slice based on dynamic network conditions, type of service, and subscriber.
  • Network functions control - Controls the network functions that are entering and leaving the operator network (service-based architecture – SBA) and their dynamic status. It controls the way that producers and consumers are connected in an optimal way.
  • Network signaling control -  
    Controls overload and failure situations.

Policy Control products encompass three main types of core network elements:

  • The Policy Controller that takes decisions on quality of service and access control, based on user equipment, subscribers, services, and consumed quota
  • The Slice Selection Controller that decides how to allocate network slices to terminals, subscribers, and services
  • The Network Function Controller that controls the status of network functions within the service-based architecture (SBA) in 5GC. It decides how to connect consumers with service providers based on the status of different network functions.