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Cloud Packet Core


Building on market leading virtual Evolved Packet Core (EPC) applications, Ericsson is dedicated to supporting our customers on a smooth evolution from EPC to dual mode core operations, 5G EPC and 5GC. We ensure flexibility, fast time to market and efficiency in operations. On the way, Ericsson Cloud Packet Core - which supports more than 100 commercial virtual EPC customer networks - today provides a variety of use cases. Some of these are brand-new and are enabled by this new technology, while others are currently evolving use cases with a new level of automation and speed. For example: 

Mobile broadband

Modernizing and managing capacity growth, adding sites, and migrating to datacenters. From complete virtual EPC and user management deployed in a single COTS server for thousands of users to more traditional large-scale MBB operations with more than 10 million subscribers in tier 1 carriers.

Massive IoT

Introducing network slices for massive IoT with decoupled lifecycle from consumer MBB service. The value of continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) as well as continuous deployment, and decoupled slice lifecycles are proven with service providers who introduce a constant stream of new software to get access to the latest features. This enables new IoT devices network connectivity for Cat-M and NB-IoT


Dedicated instances for critical enterprise deployments. With enterprise slices deployed on-prem at oil rigs, medical manufacturing sites, and steel plants we are really taking the first step towards Industry 4.0.

VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling

Introducing new communication services with fast rollout supported by full virtual EPC and IMS applications.

Smooth network evolution from EPC to 5GC

Our Cloud Packet Core portfolio supports network slicing already in 4G. This allows for multiple logical networks to be created on top of a commonly shared physical infrastructure and acts as a step towards a 5G Core architecture. The network evolution from EPC to 5G core plays a central role in creating a powerful network platform that is capable of being exposed and automated for service providers. This means service providers extract more value and become contributors to existing and emerging ecosystems. Some of the key aspects in our Cloud Packet Core portfolio include:

Cloud infrastructure agnostic

The ability to address multiple customers' needs as we optimize virtual EPC performance and workflows together with the leading cloud providers VMware & Red Hat, in addition to our end-to-end system verified Ericsson NFVi solution.


Continued focus on DevOps, CI/CD, Automated Acceptance Tests (AAT) and automated workflows which have been proven to reduce OPEX in testing with up to 65 percent for service providers such as Swisscom.

Evolution path towards 5G

Verified 5G end-to-end support including 5G radio and terminals as well as proven capabilities to manage high peak rates. This is enabled via a smooth evolution whereby the same uniform cloud software system can be deployed to support both 5G None-Stand Alone and 5G Stand Alone 3GPP architectures, i.e. a true 5G dual-mode core operation.


At Ericsson, we are dedicated to supporting you with a smooth core network evolution from EPC to 5GC. We know that making the right choices will help you to achieve faster time to market, higher performance and lower total cost of ownership. Whether you have a complete Ericsson packet core already, or you have a legacy core from another vendor, our offering supports you in the core network evolution journey. Be a first mover and move ahead of competition.

Our range of products
Packet Core Controller

Cloud native control plane signaling processing function in Ericsson´s dual-mode 5G Cloud Core offering.

Packet Core Gateway

Cloud native user plane traffic processing and gateway function in dual-mode 5G Cloud Core offering

Local Packet Gateway

Supports service providers to add versatility and flexibility to their network deployments


Ericsson SGSN-MME is the world’s most widely deployed SGSN/MME of the market.

Evolved Packet Gateway

Supports mission critical fixed and mobile networks with features supporting cellular service offerings.

Wi-Fi Mobility Gateway

Integrates the traffic from non-3GPP networks, both trusted and untrusted, into the mobile packet core.