Keeping the networks running

Our Network Heroes

Meet Ericsson's Network Heroes, who are working around the world to keep the networks running. Now, more than ever, people rely on mobile networks to stay in touch with loved ones, access essential services, carry out their jobs, or run their businesses. Due to the pandemic, there is an increase in demand for voice and data, and engineering teams are working tirelessly to maintain the best possible service and minimise the impact that disruption would cause.

Keeping Europe running

Jerome Julien, Radio Supervisor, Ericsson France

Liam Girvan, Field Operative, Ericsson UK

Neil Easter, Lead Engineer, Ericsson UK

“I’ve been in the industry for 20 years and never experienced anything like this before. Some of these sites are very remote - there are villages that rely on these masts as their only mobile coverage so it’s important for us to keep up with all our maintenance and upgrade projects”.
- Neil Easter, Lead Engineer, Ericsson

Blog: On the front line: keeping the UK connected

With many of us in isolation, the spotlight is on the national telecommunications infrastructure. We’re all relying on our devices for everything from getting essentials to checking on family, to communicating and sending information between emergency and utility services. Keeping connections robust and reliable falls on us – Field Service Operations.

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Keeping America running

David Soffy

David Soffy and his team in Piscataway, New Jersey worked around the clock for three days to put together a new low-cost price plan to provide crucial connectivity to low income households so that they can keep in touch with friends and family.

Manjula Naganathan

Manjula Naganathan and her colleagues in Plano, Texas, worked together to quickly come up with an affordable, low-cost pre-paid plan to provide relief to subscribers during the covid-19 crisis.

Sasidhar Yalavarthi

Sasidhar Yalavarthi is working with a team in Plano, Texas, setting up a private cellular network in the Ericsson USA 5G Smart Factory so they can continue to build the network equipment that keeps America connected.

Adolfo Rodriguez, Field Service Tech, Ericsson US Bryan Casalegno, FIeld Engineer Small Cells, Ericsson US

Adolfo Rodriguez and his colleagues in Sacramento California take care of network sites in the Sacramento valley to ensure connectivity is provided without interruption

Bryan Casalegno, Field Engineer Small Cells, Ericsson US

Bryan Casalegno and his team in Little Rock, Arkansas, are ensuring 911 coverage is available in places that would not otherwise have service.

Kris Lewis, Implementation manager, Ericsson US

Working from New Orleans, Louisiana, Kris Lewis and his team are responsible for new site integrations, upgrades to technology, and meeting the capacity needs of their users.

How Irina is keeping America running

Irina Nevelsky is an IT program manager in Bellevue, Washington. She and her team worked day and night for two days to release new software that gives customer care teams the ability to extend services for affected subscribers and to provide them with credits.

How Brandon is keeping America running

Brandon Satariano is a tower crew foreman in Wanette, Oklahoma. He and his crew are out installing upgrades for one of Ericsson’s customers, ensuring good quality service for first responders and everyone else being locked down by quarantine.

Keep America running

For all Americans, network connectivity has suddenly become profoundly important. As the heroes on the frontlines are working tirelessly to keep people healthy, safe, and fed, we are honored to serve them by keeping society connected. Everyone brings their individual strengths; we bring the networks. It is time to work together. Keep America Running.

Learn more about our work here

Keeping Asia & Australia running

Michael Jhon Guntang

Michael Jhon Guntang, CME Site Supervisor, Ericsson Philippines

“In this time of Coronavirus, my difficult has increased- with multiple lockdowns in provinces, difficult in travel and heavy traffic due to checkpoints.

In the face of multiple challenges, thoughts of my family and ensuring connectivity for the Philippines keeps me motivated.”

Hitender Kumar

Hitender Kumar, Implementation Head, Ericsson India

“In the fight against Coronavirus, we are proud to keep the nations connected, whatever the cost. We are also ensuring all necessary hygiene requirements are followed stringently in the team.

My brother gave his life for India serving in the army. Now is my chance to do my bit.”

Allan Azares

Allan Azares, Site Supervisor, Ericsson Philippines

"In these difficult times, I have been inspired by how we are working with our partners as one unit with a single purpose…which is to maintain reliable connectivity for every Filipino. 

Working in telecoms is not just a job, it's an honor and a service to our country and our compatriots."

Hieu Hong

Hieu Hoang, Customer Network Support , Vietnam

“As millions across the world move to work from home, we are witnessing instances of surge in data traffic due to increased video streaming & call volumes

In such times,  my work load increases since I need to perform regular system checks & flag any issues in advance to ensure the networks keep running smoothly.”

Jomarie Rivas

Jomarie Rivas, TL Supervisor, Ericsson Philippines

"Telecom engineers play a vital role at this time.

We are doing our bit to fight the pandemic by not only keeping the Philippines connected, but also nations running across the world.

We are also ensuring the safety of our team by maintaining a high standard of safety and following all the necessary hygiene requirements.”

Walid Hanna

Walid Hanna, Head Network Operations Unit Singapore, Brunei & Philippines

"The use of technology such as Ericsson Remote Site Access enables us to continue site management through remote solutions. Use of Video conferencing ensures that we are always connected to our field staff.

It is also critical to ensure the safety and health of our field staff & have timely reporting & follow-up of any health concern.

What keeps me motivated is the fact that we are making a difference to the nation by ensuring connectivity, whatever the odds.”

Terwinder Singh Ajit Singh, Field Service Operation Team Lead, Malaysia

Even during Malaysia's lockdown, network engineers, like Terwinder Singh, continue their work to maintain the country's mobile networks. In this podcast, Terwinder Singh, talks about the challenges of maintaining the country’s telecommunications infrastructure during the COVID-19 crisis.

Listen to the podcast

Pooripat Thongvichian, Drive Test Engineer, Ericsson Thailand

“Ensuring network connectivity entails making the commute to the Chonburi region, 60 kilometers away from the city,  which has a high infection rate for Coronavirus. However, it is essential to take the journey so that I can do drive tests and make sure the region stays connected.

I am proud that at such times, I can help families stay connected and enable professionals to work from home.”

Ahsan Tahir & Muhammad Choudhry, Ericsson Pakistan

"We support Jazz, Pakistan with the ongoing network modernization projects while ensuring there are no delays even during the pandemic. They have successfully delivered Jazz Advance and Virtualized CCN in the network. Ways of working may have changed but the objective remains the same: customer first.

With the ongoing pandemic, telco service providers are facing increased traffic on the network. To cater for that, we are working round the clock to support the customer during flexible yet extended business hours."

Nghi Nguyen

Nghi Nguyen, ETV MS Field Engineer at Vietnam Mobile Switching Center

“Telecom Engineers play a vital role in the fight against Coronavirus.

We are doing our bit by keeping the switching center running smoothly along with supporting the Network Operations Center round the clock, ready to handle any situation.”

Pranjal Sarma

Meet Pranjal Sarma, a Field Maintence Engineer, and learn how he is keeping the networks running. 

Benya Chantaphan on field

Benya Chantaphan, Field Services Manager, Ericsson Thailand

“Coronavirus has affected everyone in Thailand and the scale of the pandemic is unlike anything we have seen before.  We have been working to ensure network service availability across the region.

Our message to all, is to stay home & maintain social distancing, as this is best way to contribute in saving lives. Our team will make sure you are connected wherever you are.”

Teams conference call

Bhasagorn Krachoupetch Deployment Manager , Ericsson Thailand

“In light of coronavirus, we have had to switch to working from home, which initially was challenging, since we had never done this before.  However, with the help of rollout progress tracking tools, electronic site documentation & site acceptance, we are able to work together with our customer & our subcontractors to maintain service levels.

These are difficult times, but we carry on with high spirits & a big smile on our faces”

Booychuay Tangboripang  in a test lab

Booychuay Tangboripang Field Service Engineer, Ericsson Thailand

“With a majority of people staying indoors due to the coronavirus pandemic, we have a huge responsibility to provide connectivity to enable work & day-to-day activities.
To make this possible, our field service staff are working hard on-ground, to stabilize cell sites & boost overall network availability. 

In the fight against coronavirus, our teams are following enhanced safety protocols which include wearing masks, regular sanitization & practicing social distancing to reduce the risk.”

Photo of Cecille Basera

Cecille Basera Service Delivery Landscape, Ericsson Thailand

“Leading a team from home can be challenging. I have regular check-ins with my team to know their challenges so that I can both support them as well as motivate them.  Our team plays a critical role in ensuring network stability & coverage across the country through our customer support function.

I am keeping myself motivated through online Tae bo & Zumba workouts that I do every day without fail. During such times, its important to keep one’s own fitness levels up.”

Chittakorn Chamsri Shift Manager – Front Office, Ericsson Thailand

Chittakorn Chamsri Shift Manager – Front Office, Ericsson Thailand

“The Network Operations Center is at the frontline of operations & in the current situation, our work becomes even more challenging. Through teams that work in shifts , we work round the clock to keep the networks running & ensure connectivity for all.

We have also adopted new ways of working which include video conferencing, incorporating social distancing in the office as well as shift planning so that we stay safe.”

Daniel De Tablan Hardware SDM, Ericsson Philippines

Daniel De Tablan Hardware SDM, Ericsson Philippines

“In our function, we managed to be ahead of the curve and adopted remote working approach a month before emergency quarantine was implemented.

Maintaining mobile connectivity is critical in such times. We are helping our customers by ensuring network capacity.

Knowing that our team is working hard to enable connectivity in the midst of the pandemic, keeps us motivated.”

Photo of Guy Ryan

Guy Ryan GM Activations and Assurance – Ericsson Australia

“From a 100% office based team, we transitioned to a work from home based one due to the COVID19 restrictions in place.

In spite of the shift to a virtual setup, we are able to manage a daily volume of 300+ calls from our field team & 2000+ customer queries.  This is a great achievement for the team.

What keeps me motivated is the strong cooperation between our customer, team & key partners as we focus on ensuring connectivity across the country”

Naing Phyo Thu Transmission Integration Team Leader, Ericsson Myanmar

Naing Phyo Thu Transmission Integration Team Leader, Ericsson Myanmar

“To reduce the risks from COVID-19, we have transitioned into working from home
With the help of specialized software and tools, I am able to monitor the network’s health remotely round the clock. 

Collaboration applications such as Skype & Microsoft teams help me stay in touch with my team during such times.”

Photo of Parichat Boonbunloo

Parichat Boonbunloo Shift Engineer-Front Office, Ericsson Thailand

“With a substantial jump in network traffic due to COVID-19, our work has increased.
Working in the night shift, I am proud to be playing a role in keeping the nation connected.

The support from my husband, parents and loved ones keep me motivated in these challenging times.”

Photo of Shane Rawles

Shane Rawles NOC Front Office Manager, Ericsson Australia

“We have moved quickly to adapt our ways of working in the times of COVID-19.
Shifting to a Virtual NOC operating model ensures round the clock support to our customers whilst meeting our KPIs & maintaining key security controls

Fast, reliable internet services have never been more important. As a team we are helping our customers maintain these essential services to keep Australia connected.

It is motivating to know that we are making a difference and enabling people to stay connected during this pandemic.“

Keeping China running

Chen Zhi

Chen Zhi, Mobile Account Manager at Ericsson Hubei

“I made the trip to Wuhan each day. There I was able to get the latest information on the company’s material procurement, such as real-time dynamics of arrival, clearance, inventory, etc., and also summarize the arrival, distribution, receipt, and latest demand changes of local materials in Wuhan. This way we were able to ensure timely and unobstructed communication between headquarters and the Wuhan location.”

Wang Chaohua

Wang Chaohua, GTC NRO Engineer and member of the Ericsson Hubei Mobile Project Team

“During the Lunar New Year, the installation team was particularly understaffed. So after a lot of effort, we completed the installation and powered up of the equipment –just before 11pm. When the team saw that all indicators were operating normally, we had a smile and sigh of relief as if the physical and psychological hardships of the last couple of days had disappeared.”

Delivering essential services: Personal stories from Wuhan

In January 2020, Wuhan was the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic. Working on the frontline of the emerging crisis, Ericsson engineers there worked tirelessly to deliver critical communications and infrastructure across the province. Here are a few of their stories. 

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Providing connectivity to frontline hospitals

One night in late January, Ericsson teams in China were assigned an urgent task: to support China Mobile Wuhan and China Unicom Wuhan in launching four mission-critical base stations for the Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital.

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Keeping Latin America running

On the front line in Mexico and Central America

As COVID-19 makes its way through Latin America, data usage has been changing in the region. Ericsson has been quick to react and ensure that network operators in each country can offer connectivity in such a critical moment.

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