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Commenting rules

Rules and liability for comments on and social media.

We invite you to take active part on our homepage and owned social media channels, encourage you to post comments to our published content, posts and join our discussions at any time. You can criticize and add new knowledge about a particular topic. Objective, intelligent and well-written comments are appreciated. However, you should avoid comments and posts that are not serious or could be offensive. However, to maintain a high standard of conversation for our followers, we ask that you avoid personal attacks, improper language and try to keep your replies on topic. Any comments that appear to be spam will be deleted.

Everyone can read your posts

Your comments can be accessed by anyone. Your posts could also be used by Ericsson in other contexts, such as on other parts of the website.


The comments function on our channels is provided and monitored in accordance with the Swedish Act on Responsibility for Electronic Bulletin Boards – BBS Act. This means that Ericsson must remove posts that involve incitement, hate speech, child pornography, the illegal depiction of violence and copyright infringement.

In addition, Ericsson retains the right to remove posts that – although they may not qualify among the crimes above - are considered to have racist content, be derogatory on the subject of gender, race, religion or homosexuality, or contain improper language, such as expletives or obscene words. We also retain the right to remove comments that we view as being unserious or which could be harmful to Ericsson's image.

The above means that we for example can remove or hide individual comments or close the comment function.

Any person who posts a comment that is in breach of the applicable laws may be held personally responsible.

Help us to maintain order

If you discover a post that could fall into the above categories, we would be grateful if you could bring this to our attention.

This comments function is managed by Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson, organization number 556016-0680, 164 83 Stockholm.