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Interim reports archive

Restated financials

Annual reports

Form 20-F

XBRL Exhibits

Conflict Minerals Report archive

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Financial reports and filings

Interim reports

Q2 result 2019: English | Swedish
Financial statements (xlsx. Right-click and choose "save as..")
CEO and CFO presentation (pdf)
Planning assumptions (pdf)
Webcast 1
Webcast 2

Interim reports archive

Annual Reports

Annual Report 2018  English | Swedish

Annual Reports archive

Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Reports

Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Reports archive

SEC Filings

Form 20–F archive

Form 20-F XBRL Exhibits archive

Conflict Minerals Reports archive

Restated financials

Ericsson financial information restated for IFRS 15
16 March 2018
Press relelease
Financial tables (xlsx. Right click and choose "save as..")
Financial tables (pdf)

Restated financials archive

Divested Joint Ventures

ST–Ericsson results archive

Sony Ericsson results archive


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