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Experience new dimensions of entertainment

What does the future of entertainment hold?

Experience new dimensions of entertainment

Ericsson is creating a world of limitless connectivity, allowing you to be in the heart of the action from wherever you are. With extended reality that blends the virtual and real worlds, remote entertainment will enter a whole new dimension, complete with the sights, sounds, smells and feelings of being at a live event.

Don’t just watch it – be a part of it

Imagine what it would be like if you could be at any event, anywhere in the world – without actually being there. This is exactly what makes virtual alternatives and enhancements so exciting. As the physical and the digital realms combine, we’ll have access to the world’s most exciting entertainment – things which are normally out of reach for so many of us.

We live, right now, at the dawn of a new era of full sensory experience and entertainment.

Humans thrive on the sharing of emotions and sensations. It’s how we create shared memories, from the television coverage of the first moon landing and Mandela’s walk to freedom, to the largest musical event on the planet – Glastonbury Festival. We have also seen that, as a result of the pandemic, the rapid adoption of sharing experiences without the need for physical proximity has acted as a catalyst for communities to look for new forms of connectivity, while accelerating innovative ideas and partnerships.

The boundaries between live and virtual will start to blur. Augmented and extended reality will change the face of live, experiential entertainment forever.

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What does the future of entertainment hold?

Hear more from Matt on how limitless connectivity is revolutionizing sport, media and entertainment – from production all the way through to new consumer immersive experiences.

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Welcome to a new kind of entertainment

The future of wireless technology and connectivity

In the future, we’ll have access to the most diverse range of entertainment we could ever imagine.

We can be in the heart of the action at the biggest football matches. We can take part in whole new styles of gaming. We can have front row seats, or backstage passes, to concerts performed across the world. It’s not just about how it’s experienced but making it a truly personalized experience for the user and building new global communities which will bring people together the world over. Through advances in technology and connectivity, the physical and the virtual worlds are becoming one.

Never miss a moment

The story of our lives is the story of shared moments. We measure out our time by the moments that matter most. But only a few people are ever able to really be there for these moments. Too often, we’re not able to share them first-hand and with the people that matter most. But this is about to change. And when it does, we’ll never miss a moment again.

By 2030, body-cameras in sporting and other events will make 360° streaming the norm. Extended reality and the Internet of Senses, where technology will be able to interact with sight, sound, taste, smell and touch, will carry us into the heart of the crowd, immersed in the sensation of the event. Wherever in the world that event takes place. We can join the crowds to sing and cheer. We’ll even be able to step into the game as a player, feeling every touch, seeing every pass. It’s coming.

It's clear to see how remote experiences can benefit from smarter technology, but that’s just the start. Imagine what is possible when you’re actually there.

Never miss a moment with virtual reality

Experience more

The new era of entertainment is not just about replacing ‘being there’ with a virtual experience. It’s also about completely revolutionizing the experience we get when we’re at an event. Extended reality devices, like smart glasses and contact lenses, can change the way we see in-person events, from new angles overlaid with additional information, to real-time sharing with friends.

A spectator at a football match could see live data about the game and its players

A spectator at a football match could see live data about the game and its players. Goals can be replayed. Detailed tactical analysis could be shown.

Experience the concert front-row view, instantly

A concertgoer stuck at the back of the crowd could switch to a front-row view, instantly.

Share our feelings and reactions with limitless connectivity

We’ll be able to share our feelings and reactions with friends at home and strangers in the crowd.

Your very own personalized tour with extended reality

Your very own personalized tour

Technology and AI will allow us to tour the galleries and museums of the world, accompanied by holographic experts we can actually chat and interact with. And we won’t have to keep behind the line or worry about getting fingerprints on the glass cases – we’ll be able to touch and feel a digital twin of an exhibit through haptic technology. These new experiences will be in real time and of such good quality that it will be almost impossible to tell the difference between the hologram and the ‘real’ thing.

An amazing opportunity

For Ericsson’s customers, the blurring of the virtual and physical worlds will provide the perfect medium to deliver increasingly sophisticated products and services to millions of consumers. Ever-improving technology and creative capabilities will introduce a broad range of new opportunities driven by the imagination of what is possible when these two capabilities come together and benefit from a diverse ecosystem.

New ways of ‘being there’ will also mean we can be part of a community as never before. Whether that’s brands building better relationships with customers, users experiencing more with their friends, or performers being able to rehearse remotely to allow new cultural input into entertainment. We can join mass movements and events, smaller celebrations, and participate in different sub-cultures. 

“Being there without actually being there will help cutdown on travel and its emissions, too, by reducing the need for people to travel to experience an event.”
– Dr. Pernilla Jonsson, Head of Consumer & IndustryLab, Ericsson

The role of limitless connectivity in entertainment

To bring about these game-changing experiences requires the advent of limitless connectivity, delivered through highly advanced and ultra-reliable wireless networks.

  • They must be capable of connecting multiple experiences over a broad range of devices and locations, where service assurance is guaranteed no matter what is being demanded to make the experience optimal.
  • They must be able to handle extreme performance requirements – data rates, end-to-end latency, reliability and energy efficiency.
  • They need the ability to transfer and understand vast arrays of data.
  • They must always be open to ever smarter solutions, including flexible spectrum usage and multiple frequencies.

Finally, the network itself must become smarter, capable of acting as a sensor and using AI-enabled decision-making to adapt to its environment and to ensure optimum performance. Ericsson’s role in delivering this is clear: to build and orchestrate the intelligent network that can support these consumer experiences. We play an important role in acting as a partner to customers and others in co-creating how the network is used to deliver amazing new experiences and options to consumers.

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