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Improving lives

Improving lives

Technology for good

Connectivity improves lives every day – from using our smartphone to navigate across town, to providing financial services to those without traditional banking. But in the future, it will mean so much more – from democratized access to healthcare and wearables that avoid illness; to connectivity for all schools and experiential learning in virtual worlds; and even the augmentation of human abilities. Ericsson, working with others, will make this happen!

Heather Johnsson

"At the current trajectory, it is estimated that by 2029, 4G will cover 95% and 5G will cover 85% of the world’s population as stated in the Ericsson Mobility Report 2023. This expansive reach presents an unparalleled opportunity to tackle the global challenges of sustainable development where we can harnesses our expertise in emerging technologies, innovative solutions, and impactful advocacy to improve lives."

Heather Johnsson
VP Head of Sustainability and CR

Ericsson and TSSC Center of Excellence in Delhi, India

Connect to Learn: Ericsson and TSSC Center of Excellence in Delhi, India

Ericsson has partnered with the Telecom Sector Skill Council (TSSC) to help underserved students develop skills in 5G and emerging technologies to support the increasing needs for new digital skills.

Perspectives Live 2030

Inspired by insights form the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) and experts that have contributed to the Ericsson Perspectives articles there are so many ways that universal connectivity can play a role in our daily lives.

Financial inclusion, new forms of learning and how gaming will evolve in the future will all contribute to making this a reality.

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Ericsson plays a role in many aspects that improves lives

Connect to Learn

Ericsson is creating a world of limitless connectivity, making it possible to reach and empower students everywhere, like never before. With immersive learning experiences and access to quality training, acquiring new skills and knowledge will become an enriching lifelong journey for everyone.

Ericsson Response

Since 2000, Ericsson Response has played a leading role in the UN Emergency Telecommunications Cluster (ETC), In 2021, Ericsson Response signed a standby partnership agreement with UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency and officially supports the Refugee Emergency Telecommunications Sector (RETS), the global lead for coordinating the delivery of connectivity services in refugee emergencies.

Health and Well Being

Wearable devices, secure online consultations, and remote procedures like robotic surgery will improve resource efficiency and meet consumer demands for greater convenience and freedom of choice. This technological transformation of the healthcare sector offers numerous opportunities for telecom operators to penetrate new value chains and initiate partnerships that benefit the entire ecosystem.

Financial Inclusion

We power financial inclusion in underserved markets. Our Mobile Financial Services is key to achieving that goal. It combines the power of mobile communication and financial services to offer easy-to-use and secure next-generation mobile money, digital wallet, and digital payment services. That's how we build a better and brighter future for everyone.

Fixed Wireless Access

Mobile broadband is one of the most cost efficient technology options to connect society, and Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) is an efficient and scalable alternative to wired connections to create universal and meaningful connectivity, especially in emerging markets.

Immersive Experiences

Just as the Internet democratized access to technology and information, limitless connectivity and extended reality will democratize access to experiences, opening new horizons, providing more options, and revolutionizing our freedom of choice.