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We were interested in finding out more about our interns working in our research wing so we interviewed a bunch and asked the other half to blog about their experience. Find out what they said…

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Finding a place in the Cloud

In our ever-connected world, most services are located somewhere in the Cloud. But where exactly? Read the Ericsson blog by Torma Kristóf sharing his thoughts.

FPGA as a multitenancy platform

Read the Ericsson blog by Shaji Farooq Baig as he shares his internship experience at Ericsson where he worked on FGPAs at Ericsson Research.

Summer internship at Ericsson Research Radio

Read the Ericsson blog by Emil Asplund and Emilia Azam sharing their experience of interning at Ericsson Research Radio and how they create game-changing tech.

My second internship experience at Ericsson Cloud research

Read the Ericsson blog by Marina Massoud as she shares her experience of interning once again at Ericsson in Cloud Research and Cognitive Orchestration.

Research and vacation abroad as an Ericsson intern

Read the Ericsson blog where Csaba Györgyi shares his experience of interning at Ericsson Research and experiencing life and culture in Stockholm, Sweden.

5G, connected cars, and me

Testing messaging protocols using the ELK stack kept Elizabeth engaged this summer at Ericsson Eurolab in Herzogenrath, Germany. Read more on Ericsson blog.

Read interviews with our interns

Siyu Tan

Meet Siyu Tan from Beijing, China a graduate student at the Department of Electrical and Information Technology (EIT), Lund University interning at Ericsson.

Ozan Tanfener

Meet Ozan Tanfener, currently doing a master’s degree in Embedded systems at KTH and working at Edge System Software team under Cloud Research at Ericsson.

Marina Massoud

Meet Marina Massoud from Finland, studying Computer Science and working in Cloud research unit using machine learning to optimize orchestration tasks.

Konstantinos Fertakis

Meet Konstantinos Fertakis, an electrical engineering student from Greece working at the Ericsson Research department focusing on Cloud research and Edge system.

Emilia Azam Ghasemzadeh

Meet Emilia Azam Ghasemzadeh from Stockholm working at Ericsson Research with deployment and propagation as she shares her internship experience at Ericsson.

Emil Asplund

Meet Emil Asplund, a high school natural sciences student from Sweden working at Ericsson Research Radio as he shares his experience of interning at Ericsson

Elizabeth Abraham

Meet Elizabeth Abraham from India, studying Communications engineering at RWTH Aachen university and interning under the 5G Car project at Ericsson Research.

Csaba Györgyi

Meet Csaba Györgyi from Hungary, studying his second-year master’s in computer science and working with Fronthaul Technologies under Ericsson Research.

Claire Yang

Meet Claire Yang, a second-year student from China, majoring in Information and Network Engineering at KTH and interning on Cloud system at Ericsson Research.

Balázs Tárnok

Meet Balázs Tárnok, an electrical engineering student from Hungary working on Agile Robotics for Industrial Automation Competition (ARIAC) project at Ericsson.

Agnese Vincenza Ventrella

Meet Agnese Vincenza Ventrella from Italy, a post doc intern working this summer on mobile edge computing at Ericsson in this edition of the Ericsson blog.

Torma Kristóf

Meet Torma Kristóf, a computer engineering student from Budapest working in Ericsson Research Traffic Lab with workload placement for distributed cloud.


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