“Take initiative, work hard, and enjoy the ride!”

Meet Elizabeth Abraham, a Communications engineering from India.
Elizabeth Abraham

Where are you from, what is your current field of study?

I usually get stumped at this standard question as there are a few cities involved, so I mostly like to say “India”! I’m a second year masters student specializing in Communications Engineering at RWTH Aachen University in Germany.

What are you working with at Ericsson and in what unit?

I am working in the Ericsson Research department in Herzogenrath and doing my internship under the 5GCAR project.

Tell us about your typical day?

That’s an interesting question. I usually start my day checking my emails for any important tasks that need immediate attention, completing my pending work, and grabbing some hot tea with my fellow students for about 5 minutes. A few laughs and a warm mug really help kickstart my day. The rest of my hours at Ericsson include working on my project, catching lunch with my colleagues and fellow students, a technical discussion or two with my supervisor, and documenting my work before I wrap up for the day.

Have you been given any career advice you feel will be useful in your future career?

In my opinion, the assurance “don’t hesitate to ask questions” goes a long way. Especially as young students, we often feel intimidated about asking our superiors simple questions for the fear of coming across as incompetent. However, I have learned that asking the simple questions clears out many doubt and helps you understand the topic better.

What do you know now that you didn’t know before?

I was always aware of the fact that Ericsson is a major player in the telecommunications industry, but I also did learn that Ericsson’s networks handle 40% of all the mobile traffic and that’s quite huge, if you think about it. Coupled with all the R&D that goes into making the latest technologies (including 5G, Connected Mobility etc.) a reality, it really is quite impressive.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I think what inspires me in life is the will to keep moving forward no matter what comes your way. Things may not always go the way we want it to but take that risk that drives you, practice patience, and work hard. Your time to shine might just be around the corner!    

Any final words?

Take initiative, work hard, and enjoy the ride!