“Perhaps it might sound unoriginal, but I think boredom can kill even the most enthusiastic person”

Meet Csaba Györgyi from Hungary, studying his second-year master’s in computer science.
Csaba Györgyi

What do you do here at Ericsson?

We had a collaboration at my university with the Hungarian node of Ericsson and thanks to matching interests and the good relation between the two Ericsson nodes, I could spend my summer in Stockholm at the Ericsson headquarter. I am working with Fronthaul Technologies and our goal is to use network computing for robotic control. We had many simulations but decided to make some experiments with real hardware, which is not an ordinary property.

Tell us about your typical day?

I wake up at 6 AM every weekday and arrive at the office 7:45. I don’t start work immediately and have enough time to enjoy comfort of the social areas. I am almost always the first one arriving so I start with setting up my daily goals, check my emails and my calendar, and if I have questions, there is a kind colleague sitting right next to me that gives me useful advice. I have lunch with my colleagues around 12:00, then I continue my work with recharged batteries. I must mention that every Thursday is special because I can taste the pancakes at Ericsson’s canteen.

Have you been given any career advice you feel will be useful in your future career?

I actually had a conversation about this with one of my colleagues. There is a big decision between the doctorate school and the industrial work without any scientific concern. I am working at a research unit but I am also curious about the pure development part. According to the advice, it is much harder to start to learn again after “only developing”.

What do you know now that you didn’t know before?

My manager sat down with me on my first day. He wanted to be sure that I understood the values of the company. I see now as an intern that they are not just words and that Ericsson really cares about their people. Of course, I have heard very good opinions about Ericsson, but you really experience it when you are a part of it. Thanks to the displays at the social areas that shows recent news, I always feel up to date.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

My goal is to wake up full of excitement every day. I like the feeling when I can create or achieve something great or new. My tasks should be interesting and I want to do something that makes me think and where I can use my imagination. Perhaps, it may sound unoriginal, but I think boredom can kill even the most enthusiastic person.

Any final word?

As a Hungarian student, this summer is not just about working, it’s also a big adventure. I spent my weekends discovering the beauty of Stockholm and collecting memories for a lifetime.