“Be persistent, resilient, and don’t give up”

Meet Agnese Vincenza Ventrella from Italy, a post doc intern working this summer on mobile edge computing.
Agnese Vincenza Ventrella

Tell us about your typical day?

On reaching the Ericsson headquarter, my day usually starts with hoping I don’t get stuck in the security door. Then when I get to the office, I check my email and I start working on my project till lunch (much earlier than Italian standard). I have lunch with my colleagues at 11 to 12.30, which is a nice moment to get to know something new about Sweden and other countries, thanks to the multicultural team. Then I go back to work again until late afternoon.

Have you been given any career advice you feel will be useful in your future career?

Be persistent, resilient, and don’t give up.

What do you know now that you didn’t know before?
It was interesting to learn about Ericsson applications of 5G technology, such as autonomous vehicles, remote controller machines, and Augmented reality in partnership with other companies.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I get my inspiration mainly from three things:

  1. People around me at work: their hard work and knowledge push me to do my best.
  2. Traveling: Every place and person I had and will have the chance to meet, opens my eyes and gives me a new point of view.
  3. Books: A cheap way of traveling.

Any final word?

Experiencing a global company such as Ericsson, being in Sweden, and trying Swedish fika has been great.