Automate your network to win the 5G race

Network automation is key for improving time to market and service efficiency

Network automation

Whether you are focused on native networks or 5G, network automation is increasingly critical, but what is it? Put simply, network automation allows automatic configuration, provisioning, assurance and orchestration of network services.

Solutions for network automation

Ericsson solutions for network automation, led by Ericsson Dynamic Orchestration, are in use by service providers around the world.

Dynamic Orchestration helps operators simplify operations and cut costs via automation of service lifecycles spanning from the start of launching a service to maintaining it with service assurance.

what is network automation?

The benefits of network automation

benefits of network automation

The benefits that network automation can deliver are embedded in nearly every aspect of operations. 

Need to enhance network intelligence to gain cost efficiencies? Looking to reduce customer service time? Want to use data analytics to craft the services that customers imagine in a 5G/IoT world?  Then you need network automation.

Ericsson is helping service providers worldwide automate their networks, so they can turn legacy networks into elastic infrastructures that are lightweight, programmable and endlessly adaptable. 

The goal?  Help service providers gain the ability in each of their unique environments to govern, manage and orchestrate hybrid networks holistically and in real time.

The outcome? With greater automation, service providers can slash operations costs and introduce services more quickly, fully prepared to manage complexity and exceed customer expectations.

Service automation with Dynamic Orchestration

dynamic orchestration deployed

A versatile way to simplify operations and maximize efficiency, this modular service automation solution helps operators close their automation gap.

  • It's a single orchestrator for radio, transport and core – managing physical, virtual and cloud native network functions.
  • To maintain SLA in a simple fashion it has AI-powered closed-loop assurance that automatically adapts the network in real time
  • For faster time to market of 5G services it Automates onboarding and continuous deployment accelerates in your multivendor and hybrid environments.

Dynamic Orchestration it is ready to maximize delivery of new services based on the extended capabilities of 5G networks. It removes the complexity in your network – a modular solution that can be deployed and managed seamlessly. 

Explore service automation with dynamic orchestration.

Telecom analytics

If you know what your customers are doing, you’ll know what you can do for your customers. 

Ericsson Expert Analytics is a real time, multivendor, cross domain, big data analytics platform that produces actionable insights about customer experience and customer behavior that can drive decisions (and even automate actions) across marketing, customer care, operations and planning.

Explore our telecom analytics solution: Expert Analytics.

explore Ericsson's telecom analytics solution

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