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Cognitive software solutions with multi-vendor support across radio access technologies

Transforming planning and optimization with AI

Cognitive software that powers the world’s best networks

Cognitive Software

The arrival of 5G networks presents new paradigms of complexity for today’s communications service providers. Transforming these complexities into opportunities, cognitive technologies blend big data with unique network domain expertise to deliver unprecedented speed, scale and accuracy in emerging intent-based network operations.

Ericsson Cognitive Software evolves to accelerate AI adoption

Ericsson announces new advanced capabilities within its Cognitive Software portfolio to accelerate time to value from AI adoption in network design and optimization. Embedding explainable AI (XAI) and tailored AI models and workflows on a cloud-native architecture for maximum efficiency.

How can service providers address the challenges for AI adoption at scale? Click the link to read more.

Read the press release to understand how Explainable AI in Ericsson Cognitive Software will boost AI-driven network optimization.

5G challenges addressed by the cognitive technology revolution


Accelerate 5G time to market & network performance leadership

Operators that launch new technology, investing first in providing the best user experience, get significant revenue upsides.

5G frontrunners  achieved 15% revenue upsides (+9.9% in 4G) while the rest remained flat. The market leader on network quality enjoys about 30% higher ARPU & lower churn




Build with precision

As ARPU stagnates, the ability to make informed expansion decisions that maximize return on investment is key to survive.

RAN equipment accounts for approximately 20% of mobile operator’s capex. Planning & design need to leverage deeper analytics that consider end users and competitors, to predict needs and optimize TCO while providing the best return on network experience.



Transform to cope with complexity

5G use cases place heavy demands on the network. The wide variety of requirements, paired with a growing number of sites, layers of spectrum and control parameters, gives rise to an overly complex system and need to simplify the approach while delivering on SLA.

AI’s speed, scale and accuracy break the boundaries of what is possible with automation. The replacement of traditional tools with AI-powered software solutions is the catalyst to control operational expenses while delivering a next-generation network experience.


Cognitive software portfolio

Ericsson offers an industry-leading suite of cognitive software solutions with multi-vendor support across radio access technologies and wide reach across the entire network lifecycle. Through unique integration of network design and optimization domain knowledge with advanced AI technologies, the Ericsson suite is designed to truly unleash the full potential of next-generation networks

Cognitive planning

AI and automation deliver high-accuracy traffic forecasts, KPI predictions, bottleneck identification and load balancing opportunities across the network lifecycle. AI-based scenario impact analysis enables proactive network planning, based on predictive rather than reactive intelligence, contributing to reduced CAPEX and optimal performance across the network.

Cognitive design

Through utilization of live radio measurements across the network, including subscriber traffic patterns, service providers can identify where and when to deploy and expand 5G services and fine-tune parameters – ensuring the best possible configuration for each site within designated areas, with greater scale, speed and accuracy than ever before.

Cognitive tuning

Big data technologies process crowdsourced live traffic data from across the network, delivering a scalable, reliable, and replicable approach to performance analytics. Whether deployed through a network launch or during operations, this creates a world wherein every user becomes a drive test.

Cognitive optimization

AI-based network diagnostics analyze every network cell to detect and classify cell issues, including hidden patterns. Based on the diagnostics, specific parameter adjustments will be recommended to resolve identified issues, ensuring continuous optimization of the network and a superior user experience

Field-proven benefits


Smart capex 

Evaluate pertinent what-if scenarios across the network with surgical accuracy for bottleneck prediction, preserving network investment by up to 40 percent and preventing user experience degradation.



Faster time-to-market

Speed up network launch, with up to 50 percent faster site acceptance through a data-driven approach that eliminates CO2 emissions.



Operational efficiency

Scan the entire network in minutes, proactively identifying 50 percent more issues with up to 98 percent field-validated accuracy and increasing operational efficiency by up to 30 percent.



Superior experience

Deliver a superior user experience and reduce bad-quality areas by 40 percent based on the pillars of right-on-time expansions, timely launch and proactive network optimization.


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Cognitive planning

Step-by-step LTE capacity planning exercise: precise market definition, traffic forecasting, experience & performance target definition, KPI prediction & automated dimensioning.

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Cognitive design

Walk through a design based on live traffic data with an extremely easy to use interface, covering both RF Design (tilt, azimuth and PCI planning) and Site Selection use cases.

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Cognitive tuning

Quick module overview, walking through dynamic raster maps with flexible filtering & aggregation methods. Analytics for proactive optimization (overshooting & swapped feeder detection).

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Cognitive optimization

Performance Diagnostics overview analyzing 100+ KPIs per cell, across all cells in the network. Issues are identified quickly and with high precision, including UL interference problem visualization, down to PRB level. Automatic root-cause analysis is provided, enabling proactive resolution.

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Why is AI the key to deliver an excellent user experience on 5G? How is Swisscom planning to transform leveraging Cognitive software for optimization?


Press releases

Ericsson Cognitive Software evolves to accelerate AI adoption

Understand how Explainable AI in Ericsson Cognitive Software will boost AI-driven network optimization.

Ericsson live with AI-based RAN optimization in Japan

NTT DOCOMO selects Ericsson as its AI-based optimization solution vendor for its nationwide radio access network (RAN).


Joint AI Lab in China to drive innovation in network services

Partnership with China Unicom to develop and deploy AI-based network design and optimization services.


Ericsson to deliver Network Optimization service with Cognitive Software in XL Axiata

Partnership to work towards XL Axiata’s ambition of Zero Touch Operations


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