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Transforming complexity into opportunity

Learn how AI is maximizing business value in telecom operations

AI in Networks

The arrival of 5G presents new levels of complexity for today’s communications service providers. Transforming these complexities into opportunities, Ericsson’s artificial intelligence (AI) technologies bring together big data with unique network domain expertise to deliver unprecedented benefits for network operations and more.

What makes AI in networks so valuable?

Today’s mobile networks are continuously becoming larger and more dynamic, to the point where traditional forms of network automation and optimization are no longer able to address the challenges being faced. By leveraging big data and ever-expanding compute power, AI technologies are redefining the very nature of network operations, solving complex challenges where traditional solutions fall short.

These technologies utilize the data generated by mobile networks to intelligently manage and balance the trade-offs between network speed, cost, energy use and quality. With unique domain knowledge built into the algorithms, AI solutions can deliver on complex and diverse business goals, taking service providers closer than ever to fully automated intent-based networks.

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Customer success stories

Why choose Ericsson for your AI journey?

  • Industry leaders in telco AI technology and innovation
  • Focus on practical business outcomes
  • Unique insights for multi-vendor and multi-technology radio networks
  • Best in class software usability with explainable AI for more actionable insights
  • Connecting research with value-driven use cases
  • ML model reuse and global model training
  • Flexibility to integrate insights and processes with other domains and solutions
  • Trusted support every step of the way and access to global AI partnerships
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global development and AI Lab hubs
98 %
Accuracy in issue detection & classification
40 %
reduction in bad quality cells

Ericsson AI-driven solutions in action

Ericsson delivers an industry-leading suite of cognitive software solutions with multi-vendor support across radio access technologies and wide reach across the entire network lifecycle. Through unique integration of network design and optimization domain knowledge with advanced AI technologies, the Ericsson suite is designed to truly unleash the full potential of next-generation networks.

Performance Optimizers

Prevent and proactively solve issues in mobility, interference, energy management and more using digital twins and AI.

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Cognitive Planning

High-accuracy analysis, predictions and issue identification for proactive network planning, lowering CAPEX and optimizing performance.

Watch the video to learn more.

Cognitive Tuning

Delivering scalable, reliable and replicable performance analytics using data from the live traffic across the network.

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Performance Diagnostics

Manage the complexity of network performance observability with AI-powered cell issue detection, analysis and classification.

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60 %
faster site-level report generation
20 %
YoY increase on deployment project
tons of CO2 saved yearly
80 %
drive test reduction
Ericsson AI-powered software solutions

Step into our software marketplace of cognitive planning, tuning and optimization solutions.

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