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Unleash the power of AI intent-based operations

Unleash the power of AI intent-based operations

Transform your network operations today to monetize a hyper-automated future​

AI powered intent-based operations

As consumer expectations continue to rise and networks grow ever more complex, most communication service providers (CSPs) today are becoming increasingly aware of the need for intent-based autonomous operations. The next-generation network operating models must seamlessly support self-optimizing networks driven by intent and hyper-automation. It's a paradigm shift from manual network operations to overseeing the machines that handle it.

This transition requires the integration of data, policies, automation, analytics, machine learning, and security into a genuine Intent-based operation. The result? A network that accommodates diverse applications and use cases, leading to significant variations in service demand.

What do we mean by intent based?

Intent-based operations is based on providing a statement of what an operator wants the network to do, or the outcome needed from the network. It is then interpreted by the intent-based system, which will manage the network to achieve the goal. Leveraging on AI/ML technology and the automation involved, these capabilities enable networks to adapt to changing demands and conditions in real time, offering a more responsive and adaptive infrastructure for telecommunications by dynamically allocating network resources to ensure smoother user experience.

Enabling intent-based operations in the network also unlocks wider service diversification to meet customer needs, thereby enabling and unlocking new revenue opportunities for CSPs.

AI and automation implementation journey: Don´t chase the badge, chase the value

Ericsson’s Sam Keys-Toyer, Head of Business & Portfolio Development, Managed Services Networks, shares his advice to communications service providers as they consider AI and automation implementation.

Sam Keys-Toyer reflects on how Ericsson is helping Digital Nasional Berhad (DNB) accelerate monetization while serving multiple MNOs.

Audio courtesy of FutureNet

Intent-based operations: Another shiny object or a master key for network operations?

Explore with Sam Keys-Toyer why intent-based operations is an inevitable shift in the approach to monetize the 5G investments and support the networks’ dramatic increase in service demand variability.

Ericsson Operations Engine turns intents into operations actions

Intent-based and autonomous networks will play a pivotal role in advancing network infrastructure. These systems simplify service definition and network operation, particularly within the dynamic 5G environment. Their objective is to efficiently manage the complexities and variations of services, ultimately aiming for nearly hands-free, autonomous service operation.

To help CSPs in their autonomous journey towards a simplified and closed-loop service operation environment, Ericsson Operations Engine provides an end-to-end framework to translate business requirements intents into real-time network actions. Leveraging on one of the largest Telco AI and Automation use case libraries, Ericsson Operations Engine recommends and takes the necessary actions, checking the intents are met, and supporting with evaluation of solutions options with pre-defined strategies.

A full transparent process to support optimized decision making by maximizing global utility with the speed and agility of processes supporting new diverse services.

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Ericsson Operations Engine

Our data-driven operating model for network and field operations

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Premium Slice operations with guaranteed SLAs

Intent-based operations enables a wider variety of applications and use cases for consumers and businesses with CSPs aiming to monetize configurable services with detailed agreements on functional and non-functional characteristics that require dynamic adaptation to the network that will lead to a dramatic increase in service demand variability

One of the use case examples helps CSPs to predict the state of the network dynamically and in real time while meeting conflicting  premium SLA performance from network slicing based operations.

Setting your intentions

Setting your intentions

The process starts with setting an intent. Intent could be set by the user via chatbot GCP Dailagflow which guides the users with regards to intent setting based on existing capability of the platform through a dialog instead of static options and prevents any under-specification of the intent.

Operating a premium slice

Operating a premium slice

Once an intent is set and onboarded, visibility agents provide visibility into the current and future (predicted) network states. The intent handling function continuously evaluates if the intent is met.  If the intent is not being met or predicted to not be met, the intent handling function creates an issue.  Solution proposal agents are engaged to provide potential solutions to handle the issue.

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Building trust in operations

The need for a full transparent end to end process and explainability is essential to build the trust in intent-based operations. From registering the intent to operating a premium network slice, all decisions recommended and actuated on by the system need to traceable.

From data-driven to intent-based operations

Footage courtesy of FutureNet

Malaysia’s DNB automates and optimizes network management with award winning AI intent-based operations

Learn how one of the fastest 5G rollouts in the world, is already applying intent-based operations to predict the state of the network dynamically and guarantee conflicting premium SLA performance for network slicing based operations.


Ericsson’s Sam Keys-Toyer discusses Ericsson’s AI intent-based operations and the FutureNet award won by Digital Nasional Berhad (DNB) and Ericsson.

Digital Nasional Berhad’s stunning success with intent-based operations

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