Broadband and media everywhere

When 5G becomes a reality, users will be able to communicate in crowded or remote areas with lightning fast broadband. Media will truly become on-demand from any location and any device.
5g use case - Broadband and media
5G will maximize their experience in both indoor and outdoor connectivity.


With 5G, users will experience broadband access in crowded areas like concerts, sporting events and festivals, alleviating issues with capacity, interference and reliability. 5G customers will also enjoy 4K movies downloaded in just seconds without a wifi connection. While live TV broadcasts and sporting events will become immersive viewing experiences, as if you were at the event in real-life. 

For customers, 5G will also maximize their experience in both indoor and outdoor connectivity and offer high QoS broadband even in challenging network conditions. 

Technology enablers

5G radio access
  • Capacity and full mobility
  • Improved beam forming
  • Massive MIMO
  • Broadcast
  • Carrier aggregation
  • New high frequency spectrum
5G core network
  • QoS support for e.g. emergency/safety related communication
  • Roundtrip latency in 1 ms range
  • Cloud based flexible deployment of media services
  • Network slices all optimized for mobile broadband and media delivery
5G management &
  • Congestion handling per subscriber/service or based on usage
  • Dynamic allocation of resources according to traffic variation
  • Reduce load on transport links and central processing units

Target users

  • Mobile operators
  • Pay TV operators
  • Broadcasters
  • OTT providers

Opportunity areas

  • Mobile broadband evolution
  • On-demand anything
  • Events platform
  • Live TV at scale

5G technology brings

  • Mobile broadband in crowded areas
  • Media consumption on consumers terms
  • TV for in-home screens and devices
  • Evolved Mobile Enterprise services