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High-performance sustainable networks

High-performance sustainable networks

Harnessing the full potential of 5G with multi-layer networks.

Creating high-performing macro 5G networks

Consumers and enterprises are taking advantage of the exciting capabilities of 5G, turning to use cases that require higher speeds and more bandwidth. Find out how service providers can prepare and quickly build efficient and sustainable macro 5G networks that deliver a superior service.

Increasing traffic requires better networks

By 2028, traffic growth is expected to increase fivefold, yet only 15 percent of global radio sites are upgraded to mid-band time division duplex (TDD) spectrum, highlighting a pressing need for service providers to be equipped to handle this influx of traffic.

Deploying 5G standalone

Service providers will benefit from deploying 5G standalone (SA) to deliver the superior service that 5G promises. 5G SA combines frequencies on frequency division duplex (FDD), mid-band TDD and millimeter-wave (mmWave) to cover large areas while boosting capacity.

Harvesting 5G with Fixed Wireless Access

Fixed wireless access (FWA) is an excellent use case for service providers seeking to harness the full potential that 5G has to offer, enabling them to deliver efficient networks and a high-quality service that households expect.

The three success factors

There is a clear opportunity for service providers to grow and monetize 5G macro networks with sustainable operations, but where should they begin?

When deploying and upgrading macro networks, there are three success factors that, when actioned, will make the networks high-performing and exceptionally efficient.

The three success factors

Best network performance

Best network performance

With Ericsson’s Interference Sensing, network capacity for Massive MIMO solutions is increased by 40 percent.

Upgrading network capabilities with Massive MIMO for mid-band TDD allows service providers to deliver powerful 5G experiences and offer increased value to their customers. 

Add mid-band Massive MIMO 

Evolve to standalone and Carrier Aggregation

Easy deployments and low footprint

Easy deployments and low footprint
Easy deployments and low footprint

Ericsson’s triple-band 3-sector Radio 6646 is 1 radio that can do the job of 9.

There are two important ways a service provider can reduce the total cost of ownership in the network: securing easy deployments and reducing the site footprint. The Ericsson macro portfolio is optimized for low weight and volume, reducing the cost of rollout but also reducing the on-site footprint and, in turn, the site rent.

3-sector radios 

  • 9-for-1. One Radio 6646 doing the job of 9 single-band radios

Multi-band radios 

RAN Compute  

  • One 19-inch unit supporting triple-mode of 5G, 4G and IoT 

Multi-band antennas  

  • 60 percent better wind load with vortex generators 

Site and power  

Energy efficiency and sustainability

Energy efficiency and sustainability
Text-Energy efficiency and sustainability

Ericsson’s triple-band Radio 4485 reduces the embodied carbon footprint by 50 percent compared to the baseline of a dual-band Radio 4480 and a single-band Radio 4415.

Rollout 5G software on FDD bands 

  • 30 percent lower energy consumption vs. 4G FDD 

Deep Sleep 

  • Hibernate equipment during low-traffic hours 
  • 94 percent less radio energy consumption compared to peak  
  • Supporting radio, RAN compute and microwave transport 

Site infrastructure – from indoor sites to outdoor sites 

  • Save over 10,000 kWh and 8 tons of CO2 emissions per site yearly  
  • Reduce up to 550 kg of steel and copper per site 

Explore 5G site solutions

Reduced embodied CO2 (material, manufacturing, packaging and transport) 

  • 50 percent less with Radio 4485 vs. Radio 4480 and Radio 4415 
  • 40 percent less embodied CO2 with AIR 3268 vs. AIR 3278 Massive MIMO radios 


Ericsson is ready to help service providers roll out sustainable 5G networks. The macro portfolio entails solutions with compact designs optimized for coverage and capacity in both single- and multi-band options. 

A combination of industry-leading products and expertise means we can provide a toolbox to help service providers monetize the opportunities that 5G presents, as well as offering increased user satisfaction, and reducing costs. 


Why Ericsson?

72% win rate

Ericsson customers won 72% of public benchmark reports.

50% on Ericsson networks

Of all 5G global traffic outside of China, 50 percent goes over Ericsson networks.

100% mmWave

Ericsson powers 100 percent of commercial mmWave FWA networks.

Leaders in sustainability

Rated number one in sustainability among telco vendors by ABI Research.

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