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How to improve energy efficiency

How to improve energy efficiency

Discover our RAN modernization guide

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is on top of CSPs’ agenda – together with the increased capacity demands and the need to address the challenge of exponential data traffic growth. That’s why we are constantly innovating our portfolio and integrate our solutions with renewable energy sources. So, we improve energy efficiency while increasing performance and accelerating the build of nationwide, fully performing 5G.

Our approach to energy efficiency

Data traffic on mobile networks continues to grow - but that doesn't mean energy use and related emissions in mobile networks need to grow along with it. CSPs have a pressing need to consider how to evolve their current networks, while reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions.

To reduce the overall networks energy consumption, break the energy curve, our holistic approach consists of these three steps:

  • Sustainability in the center of network planning
  • Expand and modernize the existing network while scaling up 5G
  • Use AI/ML and automation for intelligent operations to boost energy savings and secure user experience


“Ericsson is reducing the embodied carbon emissions of its own products to help CSPs meet the Net Zero challenge. We are enabling our customers to develop and expose new network capabilities with the common goal of providing affordable and sustainable connectivity for all.”

- Freddie Södergren, Head of Technology and Strategy, Ericsson Networks

Freddie Södergren

What is your target?

1. Improve capacity while reducing energy consumption

Multi-band and multi-sector radios can provide more capacity while reducing energy consumption and radio carbon footprint.


Learn how Indosat Ooredoo Hutchinson (IOH) deployed Ericsson Radio 6626 network wide to improve capacity with sustainability.

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2. Decrease embodied carbon emissions to reach Net Zero targets

Selecting products with low embodied carbon and passive cooling will contribute to reach the sustainability targets.


TDC NET Denmark deployed Ericsson Radio 6646 reducing energy consumption and embodied emission.

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3. Reduce the cost per gigabyte with 5G

5G requires less signaling and transmits the same data faster, >10 times more energy efficient per gigabyte compared to 4G.


Optus in Australia created an energy efficient network with the latest Massive MIMO for growth.

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4. Maximize energy savings while securing performance

New software with AI and automation will boost energy savings and secure network performance.


Explore how SmarTone leveraged on energy software features of new radios.

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Ericsson portfolio to support


Ericsson's radio portfolio is taking a new leap in advanced technology to deliver spectrum and energy efficiency with reduced carbon footprint, powered by our silicon. Our energy saving software provides the right balance between energy use and user experience.


Ericsson is continuously enhancing its 5G Transport portfolio with new products and SW features to improve energy efficiency. Our latest transport products are designed with low energy consumption as a key design requirement.

Site energy management

Real-time control of all assets, intelligent actionable insights, smart energy management, and predictive data control bring significant improvements in efficiency and cost savings.​


Antennas play a critical part in modern communication networks. Efficient and high-performing sustainable antennas not only enhance customer experience but also help in reducing energy consumption.


Intelligent RAN Automation

Our intelligent solutions and services improve network performance, enhances customer experience and reduces operational costs and energy consumption.

Core network: do more at optimal efficiency

We need to do more at lower cost while significantly contribute to reaching Net Zero emissions. Here we share examples of actions you can do to optimize your 5G Core network.

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