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What’s next for indoor networks?

Indoor 5G: Connect anywhere, anytime

Imagine one family of products to handle any in-building 5G scenario. It’s possible.

Indoor 5G Small Cells

Ericsson’s indoor 5G solutions (small cells) are a proven technology for delivering high-performing, robust networks. With the predicted growth of 5G, is your network performing to its full potential indoors?

Introducing the latest additions to the Ericsson Radio Dot System | 1:12 min

Indoor 5G deployments are ramping up globally, and it’s no surprise. Today, high-performing, secure indoor connectivity is an essential utility, and new use cases, frequencies, and technologies continue to accelerate indoor momentum. With these new additions to the Ericsson Radio Dot System, it’s never been easier for communication service providers, neutral hosts and enterprise to deploy, scale and monetize 5G indoors:

  • IRU 8850 (Indoor Radio Unit): a high-performing solution for single or multi-operator deployments in medium to large venues such as airports, offices, and stadiums. This is a more flexible, cost-efficient, and energy-efficient alternative to Active DAS with 4x the capacity of previous generations and up to 80 percent less equipment footprint.
  • Ericsson Indoor Fusion Unit: a compact plug-and-play indoor 5G solution for small and medium-sized buildings such as coffee shops, chain stores, branch offices, and restaurants. It can connect up to four Radio Dots to deliver multi-Gbps speeds.

Ericsson 5G Precise Positioning: precise asset-tracking software for indoor environments to enable new enterprise use cases and 5G monetization. It has unmatched mobile 3D positioning precision of <1m for any 5G device indoors, and is fully integrated with the existing network infrastructure and is supported by Ericsson’s Private 5G Networks.

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Key Benefits


With its modular design for any venue size, as well as multi-band, multi-operator, 4X4 MIMO and future generation support, the Radio Dot System has it all – just pick your band and configuration.


Slash your TCO by upward of 50% with a fully shareable solution that can connect up to four operators, without compromising performance.


Sleek design so you can deliver industry-leading performance with the smallest footprint and lowest energy consumption (up to 70% less than Active DAS).

More indoor 5G capacity and capabilities

The race to capture the business-critical indoor market is on. Over 80 percent of data is consumed inside – yet only a relatively small number of buildings have an indoor 5G network.

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Closing the connectivity gap: indoor 5G for small-to-medium enterprise

To deliver a truly seamless connected experience fit for the 5G age, there’s a connectivity gap that must be closed. Small-to-medium enterprise (SMEs) represent around 90 percent of business worldwide. From coffee shops to offices and co-working spaces, these are the places where we spend most of our time and where use users expect the best network performance. However, the vast majority of them still do not have a real indoor 5G solution.

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What’s next for indoor networks?

Across all indoor scenarios, the race to capture the 5G market is happening now, and early-mover advantage is key to ensuring a competitive offering in these business-critical markets for years to come. However, the roadmap for indoor deployments is no longer straightforward. Different use cases require different network capabilities. And with the technology landscape evolving quickly, it’s important to be prepared for future customer needs. Explore the different deployment pathways that can help you unlock massive revenue possibilities in business-critical indoor markets today.

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Why is precise indoor positioning your best companion for 5G monetization?

Indoor 5G positioning is a key ingredient in many advanced industrial cases and critical areas such as public safety, and demand for a sophisticated solution is high. But at the same time, deployments lag. Find out how to unlock this untapped market.

Guests and blog authors
Magnus Kristersson, Business Area Technologies and New Businesses
Partha Sarathy Konakanchi, Business Area Networks

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Going neutral

Sharing indoor networks is gaining popularity as it allows CSPs and enterprises to reduce CAPEX and power consumption while ensuring people and businesses get the high-performing indoor connectivity they need today, and tomorrow.

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High performance and fast rollout

Join Jessey Huang, Head of Ericsson’s Indoor Product Line, as she visits some key indoor deployment spots in Beijing, and outlines why it’s important to bring high performing 5G indoors with easy to deploy solutions.

5G Indoors - A CSP's perspective

Hear from Swisscom's Dominik Fischer, Product Manager 5G & Inhouse Services, as he outlines the work Swisscom is doing to bring 5G indoors.

Utilizing 5G small cells in the factory

5G is creating incredible new use cases – enabling CSPs to deliver new offerings in indoor spaces, including factories. Join Paul Tse, a Customer Delivery Manager as he explains how Ericsson is using 5G in our Ericsson 5G Factory in the US.

" Providing the best possible and reliable customer experience is always top priority for Swisscom. Our early deployments of the new multi-midband, multi-operator Radio Dot System proves the performance and cost effectiveness of the new 4G and 5G indoor solution by Ericsson."
- Dominik Fischer, Product Manager 5G & Inhouse Services, Swisscom

5G for real estate

Learn about the latest connectivity trends in the real estate market in this report by ABI Research and Ericsson.

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Research: Pandemic sees indoor coverage drive customer satisfaction

The ConsumerLab report Five ways to a better 5G is the biggest 5G consumer study to date, representing the opinions of 1.3 billion consumers and 220 million 5G users. The report uncovers key trends including the increased importance of indoor coverage as a driver for customers satisfaction. As consumers spend more time at home, they rate 5G indoor coverage even more important than speed. Read all about it here.


Further insights

How 5G is giving businesses the innovation edge

In today’s connected world, it's essential for businesses to adopt technologies that enable different kinds of innovation to stay competitive, drive additional revenue, and reduce costs. Here's how enterprises are leveraging the power of indoor 5G to make it happen.

Delivering a consistent, high performance indoor 5G experience

Did you know that most of the mobile traffic is generated indoors and that users find indoor coverage twice as important as speed or device battery life? Let's unveil how to provide true 5G indoor experience while increasing coverage and capacity in a cost-efficient way for service providers.

CBRS: Should the enterprise and building owners care?

Read more about why CBRS should be considered across many industries in this report written by Senza Fili Consulting and sponsored by Ericsson.

Leveraging the potential for 5G mmWave

New spectral opportunities will bring incredible opportunities for CSPs across the world, including indoor deployments.

5G and Wifi

5G NR and Wi-Fi 6 are able to boost bandwidth and capacity while being more efficient than legacy solutions. But, which one should you pick for your specific needs?

Connectivity for the modern urbanite

With over 68% of the world’s population living in urban zones by 2050 (source: United Nations), it is imperative to ensure robust connectivity in major metropolitan areas. Network equipment across urban areas will need to be high performing, compact, cost-effective, and aesthetically pleasing to ensure subscribers are connected as they work, play, and commute. Read the paper.

Cellular Networks for the modern enterprise

Up to 80% of mobile traffic occurs indoors and less than 60% of users are satisfied with their coverage and capacity. Increasing data usage is widening this gulf, as well as a growing number of connected devices per user and IoT technologies. Read the brochure.

Key solutions

Ericsson Radio Dots

With the Radio Dot System, Ericsson is redefining the concept of indoor small cells with the industry's most costeffective and modular high performance indoor radio system. Supporting such features as 4x4 MIMO, Carrier Aggregation and 256 QAM, the Radio Dot offers everything you need to support critical 5G indoor applications.

Ericsson Indoor Planner

Ericsson Indoor Planner is a tool for designing the indoor/in-building environment for 3GPP coverage using indoor solutions. The main focus is the high level design and quotation that is normally performed in initial sales activities. It answers the need to have a fast and accurate view on desired indoor coverage and capacity.


Ericsson now offers CBRS solutions for a variety of deployments, learn more here.

Indoor network planning made easy

The Ericsson Indoor Planner is a tool for designing the indoor/in-building environment for 3GPP coverage using indoor solutions.

Watch the latest demo to learn more.

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