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5G Premium

Grow your 5G value

Enabling differentiated connectivity offerings

Boost service differentiation for 5G premium experiences

Ericsson is launching an innovative toolkit with advanced RAN and Core capabilities that will enable communications service providers to capture business opportunities for new service offerings with differentiated connectivity for premium 5G experiences, delivered at scale and on the move.


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Provide premium 5G experiences

The need to continue improving mobile network performance capabilities and to meet the requirements for quality of experience will grow with the uptake of new services.

The newly launched software toolkit helps communications service providers increase the value of 5G services with performance and connectivity differentiation enhancements for experience-based offerings.

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Capture 5G business opportunities

Now, it’s the time to step away from the one-fits-all approach

Be the first to offer experience-based connectivity services and move towards a network enabling elevated service differentiation and committed performance levels for premium services and user groups.

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What´s new: key capabilities in the software toolkit


incremental user throughput gain in high load


Up to 90ms latency improvement in high load


Target rate delivery met on 1ms basis


The new software toolkit is designed for communications service providers (CSPs) to deliver at committed performance levels for use cases with high requirements on reliability and latency – such as lag-free mobile cloud gaming, real-time media for video conferencing/live broadcasting, remote-controlled machines/vehicles and future XR applications.

It offers the following key capabilities:

Massive MIMO

Massive MIMO

Software innovations for extra capacity gain for new services’ introduction.

Enhanced Massive MIMO software algorithms for channel-aware pairing and optimal beamforming selection based on user velocity. They further boost capacity in mid-band deployments with 10% incremental user throughput gain in high load, and allow for smoother introduction of new services.

Advanced RAN Slicing

Advanced RAN Slicing

Improved SLA fulfilment for efficient monetization of new services.

RAN Slicing advancements with Intent-based Automation for Automated Radio Resource Partitioning and Rate and Delay Control Scheduling for efficient Service Level Agreement (SLA) fulfillment with target delivery met on a 1 millisecond basis.

Time-Critical Communication

Time-Critical Communication

Improved consistent low latency for real-time media experiences.

Improved consistent low latency capabilities with Uplink Configured Grant and L4S (Low latency, Low loss, Scalable Throughput) for superior quality of experience even in congested networks and under poor radio conditions with up to 90ms latency improvement in high load scenarios.

5G Core

5G Core

New service differentiation and data boost upsell capabilities.

Data boost upsell of premium connectivity by providing a shopping window to the end user via the device OS. Efficient scalability of L4S to large number of applications and activating of L4S based on subscription package.

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Turn performance into loyalty, value, and growth!

5G Premium

The better performance of 5G could be used to create a wider range of differentiated connectivity offerings, each meeting a specific customer need. By differentiation and personalization, CSPs can both create and capture the additional value of 5G connectivity.


of smartphone users expect differentiated 5G connectivity


Smartphone users are willing to pay an average premium of 11% for differentiated offerings

Source: Ericsson Consumer Lab Report, 5G´s value, 2023

Customers already using slicing

The basic functionalities of Network Slicing and Time-Critical Communication were initially launched by Ericsson in 2021. Since then, a number of trials and tests with leading communications service providers have been conducted to discover new use cases. CSPs are moving from the exploration stage and progressing toward scaling and commercialization as the technology matures and 5G standalone takes off worldwide. Here are some case examples:

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