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Cloud RAN innovation and purpose-built evolution

What’s next for RAN?

Cloud RAN innovation and purpose-built evolution

Get ready for a successful 5G RAN evolution

Discover the benefits of both Cloud RAN and Purpose-built RAN, how they can co-exist, deployment scenarios and Ericsson portfolio solutions that will empower service providers with the tools to build the networks of the future.


Executive summary

We are seeing an increased interest in virtualization and cloud-native technologies with 5G Radio Access Networks (RAN) and beyond, that promise to meet diverse and varied needs for more resilient, open, sustainable and intelligent mobile networks. In the long run, we believe that everything that can benefit from running on the cloud, will be running on the cloud.

This paper aims to guide communication service providers (CSPs) interested in cloud network transformation on how to evolve and grow their networks stepwise and cost effectively into cloud RAN, while continuing to leverage purpose-built hardware and the installed base.

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Three CSP categories and the key considerations for a successful mobile network evolution

Cloud-native telcos
Make the R&D, operational and skillset investments to adopt Cloud RAN early on
Curious explorer
Selectively deploy Cloud RAN where it is most beneficial
Purpose-built optimizer
Continue with and evolve purpose-built RAN

Each CSP has an unique journey in their evolution towards cloud RAN. Depending on their starting point, desired business goal and overarching cloud strategy, different considerations need to be taken into account. By being early in this space, collaborating with frontrunner customers, we have identified three categories of CSPs and defined the most important actions and considerations for each on the next steps of their 5G network evolution. All three would have the end goal to achieve optimal balance between performance, efficiency, cost and link it to business intent.

Which CSP category do you belong to? Get key considerations and important actions in paper.

Scenarios and benefits from both Cloud RAN and purpose-built

Understand where a Cloud RAN introduction would make sense. This paper describes examples of common network deployment use cases and explore the different benefits from both a cloud RAN and purpose-built perspective.

  • Distributed deployment of mid-band massive MIMO radios
  • Centralized RAN deployment
  • Enterprise and industry location
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Key conclusions

Mobile network evolution

The network evolution journey is unique for every CSP, and so is the optimal pace of transformation. When looking into the RAN, both cloud RAN and purpose-built provide the means needed to evolve the 5G networks and enable new 5G use cases and applications. But how can you find the right combination between the two architectures and getting the most out of each?

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