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Award-winning 5G innovation

Building a 5G network for the digital future

Award-winning 5G innovation

In November 2019, Optus launched Australia's first 5G Fixed Wireless Access services, followed shortly thereafter by enhanced Mobile Broadband. Since the launch, the agile service provider has innovated fast – together with Ericsson – to deliver the next generation of connectivity services to Australian consumers through industry-leading technologies.


Across Sydney and Melbourne today, Optus delivers ultra-high-speed 5G where Australian consumers can experience the full benefits of 5G connectivity, with use cases such as 4K video streaming on-the-go, real-time augmented- and virtual reality and ultra-low-latency 5G mobile gaming.

Optus' continuous pursuit to improve the radio network is driven not only by a commitment to deliver a world-class network experience to its customers, but to provide a mechanism to monetize new 5G consumer segments such as 5G home, 5G gaming and 5G entertainment services.

Some of the RAN innovations, in partnership with Ericsson, includes dual-band 5G on 2300MHz and 3500 MHz spectrum, TDD+TDD Carrier Aggregation on these bands and multi-technology on 700MHz spectrum sharing.

Lambo Kanagaratnam
"Our ambition is to deliver Australia's fastest 5G network and to win that race we need to be agile, innovative, and relentless in delivering new technology milestones to our customers.” Lambo Kanagaratnam - Managing Director, Optus Networks

Through joint innovation, Ericsson is supporting Optus to realize its key strategic 5G business goals. This includes ideating, prototyping, staging and testing new technologies for Australian consumers and enterprises together with the broader 5G ecosystem. Ericsson and Optus have received industry accolades for the technology innovation including the GTI Innovative Breakthrough Mobile Technology award and the WCA Access Innovation award for the dual-band 5G network.

"Optus' innovation mindset is underpinned by a strong culture of agility and the willingness to take qualified risks." Martin Wiktorin - Head of Global Customer Unit Singtel at Ericsson
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