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Telecom analytics

What use is big data if it doesn’t lead to big insights? Unlock the value of data with Ericsson Expert Analytics, a multi-vendor, cross-domain big data analytics solution designed for telecom.

What is telecom analytics?


Telecom analytics is an intelligence process by which communication service providers (CSPs) can examine their voluminous data and draw actionable insights.  These insights can lead to improvements in customer experience, loyalty and ARPU, as well as increased efficiencies.  Ericsson Expert Analytics is a big data analytics platform that streamlines and automates this process specifically for telecom operators.

The benefits of telecom analytics

Telecom analytics can help service providers improve their profitability, enhance customer satisfaction and boost efficiency, particularly by finding the issues and giving the best  recommended action before they impact the customers.

In fact, the right telecom analytics platform should be able to unravel event the thorniest customer experience issues while providing insights that can drive a wide range of important decisions and activities, including:

  • Designing more competitive offers and packages
  • Recommending the most attractive offers to subscribers during the shopping and ordering process
  • Communicating with subscribers about their usage, spending and purchase options
  • Configuring the network to deliver more reliable services
  • Monitoring QoE to proactively correct any potential problems

All these activities enable an improved user experience, increased customer satisfaction, smarter networks and extended network functionality.

Unlock the value of Expert Analytics

Ericsson expert analytics

See how to unlock the value of telco data analytics.

Ericsson Expert Analytics is a powerful data analytics toolkit that lets operators capture not just data, but real consumer insights to help deliver the services that drive growth. This telco data analytics solution supplies insights into customer experience and behavior that can drive decisions (and automate actions) across marketing, customer care, operations and planning.

  • Use Cases. Let productized use cases break down data silos and leverage cross-domain, end-to-end data sources from any vendor's network nodes or systems. A robust SDK and APIs create a flexible platform to support new, custom applications and usecases.
  • Real-time, near-network correlation. Get actionable insights about customer symptoms, root causes and next best actions with our real time, near-network correlation, coupled with our unique, proven and patented algorithms, data models and business rules.
  • Patented Service Level Index (SLI). Measure subjective customer satisfaction and predict Net Promotor Score (NPS) for every customer.
  • Advanced traffic analysis. Get proactive assurance for encrypted traffic that would otherwise be difficult to understand.
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The next generation of telecom analytics with Automated Insights

For a digital service provider, it’s critical to deliver an outstanding customer experience despite increasingly complex operations. Artificial intelligence and machine learning help to manage the complexity and resolve problems proactively.

Ericsson Expert Analytics correlates data across network domains and makes it possible to capture relevant experience insights about every user session in real time. But how do we work with telco data analytics, and how can automated insights capture this data to leverage customer experience?

View our solution and discover how we use Machine Learning models to search and resolve anomalies in the network so that the customer experience remains optimal.


Get valuable insights with our big data telecom analytics

telecom analytics deployed

With 5G and its enablement, there’s a need for actionable data to optimize the customer experience.  And with an expected increase of 5G-related data in the network, traditional approaches to data collection are unsustainable. Ericsson offers dual-mode 5G Core with built-in software probes to secure the output and ensure optimal performance. Expert Analytics extracts customer-centric intelligence and offers prebuilt insights for 5G, so actions can be taken based on insights and recommendations.

Together with SW-probes and 5G core, our pre-integrated Ericsson Expert Analytics solution will secure the 5G experience.

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