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Use OSS/BSS solutions to solve specific business challenges

OSS/BSS Solutions accelerate business growth

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OSS/BSS Solution

Ericsson’s OSS/BSS Solutions enable communication service providers (CSPs) to capitalize on 5G business opportunities through easily deployable, future-proof, open and standards-based solutions reducing time to revenue and risk with a stepwise approach.

Maximize your business efficiency with OSS/BSS Solutions

End-to-end verified OSS/BSS Solutions give CSPs the capacity to enhance operational efficiency and to secure a sustainable, profitable business. Ericsson’s OSS/BSS Solutions enable quick time to revenue through out of the box use cases that have already been pre-verified on multi-vendor cloud infrastructures. These production-ready solution assets and use-cases reduce risk in the operationalization phase and support seamless service lifecycles. Furthermore, the solutions can be expanded at the right speed through a broad standards-compliant portfolio, for example by using TM Forum Open APIs, for easy integration into ecosystems.

We make it possible to reduce complexity and manage risk by taking our extensive service knowledge, product expertise and a stepwise approach to transformation. We built our solutions - Ericsson Dynamic Network Slicing and Ericsson Digital Monetization Platform, based on our best in class portfolio spanning Core Commerce, Orchestration, Monetization and Data and Analytics and related OSS/BSS Services offering. Our easily deployable and future-proof solutions empower CSPs to quickly meet service needs of consumers and enterprises, accelerating business growth.

Digital Monetization Platform brings together Ericsson’s Charging, Billing, Order Care, Catalog Manger, Mediation, Digital Experience Platform along with TM Forum aligned open APIs to deliver a comprehensive OSS/BSS Solution for enabling faster digital transformation. Ericsson Dynamic Network Slicing, powered by Ericsson Service Orchestration and Assurance offers production-ready and pre-integrated solution assets to capitalize network slicing opportunity.

    Expand and extend with OSS/BSS Solutions

Quick time to revenue with clear cost visibility

Enable innovation and monetization

Scale at the right speed

Manage risk and reduce complexity


The solution mindset

The solutions approach:

  • Provides end-to-end customer journeys, out-of-box use-cases, pre-integrations and production-ready software artifacts that shortens time-to-market, reduces risk and optimizes operational expenditure.
  • Facilitate industry-standard open APIs for seamless integration for seamless integration internally and externally to the third parties
  • Augmented with related OSS/BSS Services of Advise, Build, Operate and Ensure, helps CSPs to steer toward the desired business outcomes

As CSPs are looking to accelerate value creation in the 5G ecosystem while controlling operational expenses and improving the overall customer experience, solutions to business challenges go beyond a specific product or feature. Hence, we combine products and services across the portfolio to deliver end to end solutions that address CSPs ambitions and fast-track growth. This integrated approach helps CSPs to solve business challenges faster, minimize risk and reduce time to market.

Ericsson Dynamic Network Slicing

As CSPs monetize their 5G networks and start to grow their network slicing business, the number and types of slices will grow to meet the demands of various industries. Orchestration and lifecycle management of network slices will be critical to manage this at scale. Ericsson Dynamic Network Slicing, powered by Ericsson Service Orchestration and Assurance, is a modular, pre-integrated and use case driven solution that enables CSPs to efficiently manage, orchestrate and assure the entire slice lifecycle.

Ericsson Dynamic Network Slicing helps operationalize network slicing by:

  • Leveraging production-ready and pre-integrated solution assets enabling CSPs to launch differentiated services quickly and efficiently.
  • Accelerating time to market with dynamic slice creation, modification and monetization.
  • Dynamically controlling and managing scarce network resources to maximize profitability for slice-based services.


View a demonstration of Ericsson Dynamic Network Slicing. Contact us today.

Ericsson Digital Monetization Platform

Ericsson Digital Monetization Platform

Ericsson Digital Monetization Platform is a powerful full stack solution providing end to end capabilities that enables operator to achieve cost efficiency, flexibility and speed necessary to monetize digital services. It is an easily deployable, feature-rich and future-proof solution that offers:

  • Pre-integrated solution comprising of Core Commerce and Monetization capabilities.
  • End-to-end out-of-the-box customer journey, from product offer definition, ordering and provisioning to real-time rating, billing and invoicing streamlining operations; for faster TTM.
  • Monetization of differentiated connectivity services with new 5G offers for consumers and enterprises to maximize the 5G ROI.
  • Industry standard Open APIs for easier and faster integrations with front-end channels.

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